Game Informer Coverage of Uncharted Revealed

The entire article on Uncharted: Drakes Fortune has been revealed in a forum post. Its copy and pasted word for word. So if you dont own a GI subscription but you want to find out more about this awesome upcoming title read on.

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DJ4629d ago

they've implemented sounds amazing. It's been nearly a year since we last saw it, so it obviously looks a lot better than before.

techie4629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )


"It's Die Hard meets Indiana Jones, with gameplay that goes back to Prince of Persia and Tomb Raider and gun segments like Gears of War. Ultimately however, it's a new genre that's unclassifiable at this point." - gaming heaven for me! Sh*t. It's like something I've always wanted - Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia and Gears.......holy sh*t monkeys.

"They have an awesome animation scheme that allows for over 1,200 different unique ways of doings things like taking cover. There's nine screens of Drake taking cover behind a pillar...all of them completely different stances. Freaking awesome. (the final game will have 3,000)" Bloody Nora...that's what we are needing this generation sonny boys.

Pissing monkey balls, I'm as psyked as an elephant that stumbled its fat asss into a river full of monkey nuts!


Pictures of Nathan Drake, and Jason Rubin cofounder of Naughty Dog...

GaMr-4629d ago

Yeah... this game sounds incredible. Ahaha Just the statement that they took something from GEARS alone makes it sound incredibly good. I cannot wait. As time goes on Sony is becoming Sony again. When this game drops it had better be good. I mean good enough for me to say

Gears of What???? lol

Well maybe thats a little bit of an overstatment. Nothing will do that till im guessing late 2008-2009 ish.

Bhai4629d ago

Thankyou GaMr for these scans you posted. You don't know how big a favour you have done to gamers. This title is gonns be steaming hot !!!

I think by mentioning Gears' quality you meant the visual quality alone because if you see beyond that you won't find much to describe gears. No vehicles, simple and scripted physics, cliche'd story, only 3 NPCs onscreen and very restricted gameplay. Yes, the presentation was awesome as well as the texture quality. And I think that both these aspects will pretty much be redone with even improvements in UT2007 on PS3 because both games are using the exact same technologies. So, technically even Resistance had features beyond Gears but Gears did have the edge in visual department alone. Still a single game that came a whole year late don't make much of a capitalizing point for the 360.

And when PS3 is having these numbers of beauties in the very first year of launch like Heavenly Sword, Lair, Little-Big-Planet, MGS4, White Knight Story, KillZone 2, R&C, Uncharted, MotorStorm, VF5 etc. and most of them featuring some of the true next-gen technologies like procedural synthesis and real-time simulated physics rather than only pretty-textures...who would say 360(obviously a transitional technology) has any next-gen edge in it even in the 2nd year of its shallow life.

techie4629d ago

Why why oh Why? Please ignore him.

enthusiasm is nice, but keep it to uncharted and the ps3 and not bashing.

Siesser4629d ago

the most impressive part of the demo was definitely the style of the character's animation and movement. That they're getting that spot-on is impressive enough to me. The attention to audio's important too; that you can hear a grenade land near you and recognize it as such, without seeing it. I like how the audio director stated that he measures its success by how far you can play with your eyes closed; amazing.

Another game which was all about the animation was 8 Days, which according to a recent interview (I think it was Jaffe?) is still in the works, and actually does move cinematically like that trailer showed. Uncharted, 8 Days, and Killzone were three titles that were most amazing (in my eyes) not for their graphical clarity, but the character animations. I'm happy to hear that they seem to be becoming a reality.

kingboy4629d ago

yea! 8 days had some very interesting animation..damn! we need a video for this i`m so hungry for this game now

DrWan4629d ago

that was a preview video from long time ago, I re-watched it, still looks pretty good.

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