G4TV GDC 2009: First Look Batman: Arkham Asylum

G4TV writes: "Even though Batman is currently dead in the DC Universe (because people really stay dead in comics *snicker*), Warner Bros. and Eidos are marching along with Batman: Arkham Asylum. While most Batman games ended up being disappointments, there's a lot to look forward to in Arkham Asylum. You have the best-looking video-game rendition of Batman ever (courtesy of Unreal Engine 3), an original story by Paul Dini (best known for his work on the animated series), and awesome voice actors (Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy FTW!). At GDC 2009, I caught a glimpse of The Dark Knight's next video-game adventure and was excited by what I saw."

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bpac1234567893494d ago

one thing i don't like about this generation is that games cost to much. I'm not going to just drop $65 dollars everytime i see a good game, so instead I only buy triple A games. For example Oblivion, GtaIv, Mgs4, ninja gaiden sigma, cod4, killzone 2, ext. If this game was like $30 I might give it a try but at $60 and with all the great ps3 exlusives coming out, it's just not going to happen.

The way i see it is if a game can't compare to GOd of war 3, uncharted 2, gta 5, or final fantasy (13 and versus) than i'm not wasting $60 on it.

XLiveGamer3494d ago

i am with you on that if they drop their prices at least $40 i will be buying easily 3 games per month.

If we the gamers demand from them that on every forum on the net they will think about it.

I demand Games at $40 NOW!!!

I demand Games at $40 NOW!!!

I demand Games at $40 NOW!!!