OnLive Founder Updates Us On Doubters [OnLive]

Stephen Totilo of MTV Multiplayer writes:

"I had a brief chat with OnLive founder Steve Perlman yesterday as we both waiting to be interviewed by USA Today. Perlman said that response to OnLive, the cloud-computing console competitor announced earlier this week, has been strong."

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Jadaking3582d ago

yea i like chocolate chip cookie dough

MNicholas3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

that big companies don't sign up for bad ideas was disproven by the financial meltdown that took down enormous and "well respected" investments, all of whom bought into the same stupid ideas. Anyone remember Meryl Lynch?

Big does not equal smart.

Instead, let's look at it objectively from a game publishers standpoint where the goal is to deliver 30 hours of high definition gaming to a customer's home.

DVD or Blu-Ray: $1 (to print and ship the disc to a retailer)
Streaming game: $30 (at market rate hosting cost)

That means it will cost publishers $29 more to deliver that game to the customer. Given the current retail price of games that doesn't make a whole lot of business sense does it?

morganfell3582d ago

Great comments and a common sense look at matters, particularly on the financial side.

cLiCK_sLiCK93582d ago

OnLive seems like a good idea, but i dont think its the right time. Our internet service just isnt there....or at least not for the casuals.

Quadrix3581d ago

But when you think about it, that might actually be a reason why we should give OnLive a chance. In these tough economic times, I doubt 3rd party companies would rush to join something that has such a high probability to fail.

DeadlyFire3581d ago

Imagine if Microsoft announced its own OnLive type of service at E3 as its next Xbox. It could merge PC gaming and Xbox Live together at last. I feel like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo might launch their own services like OnLive very soon. I feel like they will keep a disc standard around until PS5, Xbox 4, and Nintendo 7 comes about though. Some might not you never know. Times change.

MNicholas3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

history is littered with panic stricken big business making poor decisions during economic turmoil. In the end, rather than put your faith institutions, you should do the math yourself and see if this makes business sense.

I, and lots of others who are trained in economics, knew years ago that the economy was going to hit a credit iceberg either in 07 or 08. Yet, apparently, GM, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, Meryl Lynch, Citibank, as well as much of Congress, most world leaders including the president of the United States did not. We did the math for ourselves.

The reason so many big companies felt blindsided was because their mindset is like that of a race horse wearing blinders. It revolves around continuously driving improvements in existing business practices rather than redesigning them or creating new ones. The former requires a kind of tunnel vision, like the aforementioned horse with blinders, while the latter requires a broad perspective that encompasses multiple disciplines and conceptual frameworks.

The point of my little sermon is that big company CEOs are narrow minded idiots who panic when required to handle situations outside their narrow area of expertise. I can tell you something from my own experience that should be quite revealing.

When I was two years out of college with very little meaningful business experience I worked for a well known consulting firm as an analyst. One of the largest computer hardware companies in the world (they are still one of the largest) paid this consulting company thousands of dollars so that six of their top executives (each with at least a decade of experience) could call in from their different regions of the world to get advice from me. This was quite common and should reveal to you how utterly clueless the management is at these big companies.

Regarding OnLive, given the cost of providing a HD streaming gam service, I challenge anyone to demonstrate how it can be financially viable.

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RememberThe3573582d ago

How the hell am I going to be able to stream and entire game to my PC?

Baka-akaB3582d ago

quite simple you simply wont at a decent quality ... nor will most people , with even a slightly better connection .

And i can't believe journalists are buying it , or rather i can believe it , since journalism is dead anyway .

How easy it is to figure out that any current test is worthless ...
Of course some half assed demo for a bunch of vip is going to work duh ...
Judging it like they do so positively immediately would be like reviewing a mmo with let's say 30 people online and deeming it's servers excellent ...

The true test will come among the masses , when say 500k to 2million people select the same game through the whole US or other continent .

Kevin McCallister3582d ago

"major video game publishers don’t sign up for a project that isn’t going to work"

EA supported (and still does) the N-Gage.

Bnet3433582d ago

and so did Activision and Ubisoft lol. I remember Splinter Cell and Call of Duty on N-Gage. Nice ownage Kevin, I gave you a boost. :)

Baka-akaB3582d ago

So major companies didnt support dead and failed consoles ?
Hell atari , EA , activision , konami and sega must all have championship title in that area , with mega cd , 3do , jaguar , 32x , ngage , gizmondo , CDI , msx 1&2 .

Face it this is BS , big sofware companies sign up for everything hardware wise , because if it fails , it's small change lost . Obviously they wont release blockbusters on nobodies and just port a few thing first .

And if the new console works , there's a huge pay off .

kratos-i-am3582d ago

Pretty stupid way of trying to validate a service as the game publishers have been pretty quiet about this... Maybe the "partners" have just allowed the sale and distribution of their games on the onlive network?

Just wish they would show a technical demonstration of how the service actually works! There's absolutely no risk seeing as they have filed for patents. Perhaps they are just stirring this hype to get a major party like Sony or Microsoft to partner up or buy them?

Either way it doesn't really effect me this generation (I have both a PS3 and 360). Though it would be awesome if it did work!

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