Final Fantasy XIII to have no DLC

Square Enix have told Japanese press that there are no plans for downloadable content for the latest and greatest entry in the Final Fantasy series.

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Dragun6193493d ago

I'm not sure how DLC would even work especially Final Fantasy based on its past entries, they all have great endings that pretty much end it except for FF7 because of the movie.

Hmm they could leave it out the ending or extend it like Prince of Persia.ehither that DlC for ff13 wouldn't work nor would side stories dlc because it should be in the game already like you know like the OMEGA WEAPON and challenges.

Also why should there even be any DLC, they started development for the game in 2005 then made an annoucement in 2006 E3 and the game won't even be released til the end of the year. Thats like 5-4 years of development maybe 5 years and 4 months for the worldwide release as it has to go and add English voice overs then port it to Xbox360.

gaffyh3493d ago

Square Enix already said this months ago, but some website brought up a rumor that MS is buying DLC, so they had to refute it again.

ikiru33853493d ago

a little too early to call it the greatest entry in the series.

DNAgent3493d ago

People always call the latest FF the greatest before it releases because all of the FF games by Square-Enix have been horrible/mediocre games so they think it can't get worse than the last game (which it always does). This will be the worst FF since FFX-2 (plus the style looks similar to it).

Playing a FF made by Square-Enix is the equivalent to playing a Crash Bandicoot game made by Radical Entertainment.

PSGamingInc3493d ago

Now Versus is the greatest ever.

Monkey5213493d ago

How about we play FF XIII before we judge it. Sure Square hasn't been on their game lately, but that doesn't mean that the new FF's won't be good.

Take Free Radical (now Crytek UK) for example. The Time Splitters franchise was amazing so everyone thought Haze would be on par or better. Sadly, that didn't happen. For Square's case, let us hope the opposite, I want them to exceed my expectations.

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DNAgent3493d ago

The game is made by Square-Enix and it's guaranteed to flop. No point in making DLC for a mediocre game (though Rockstar still decided to do it with GTA4).

moblin3493d ago

Really? Wow, thats surprising

Godem3493d ago


-- DLC is so annoying, its good that we will have the finished product when its finally out.

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