Rumor: Nintendo Wii to get External Hard Drive

According to Japanese underground game zine GameLabo, the Nintendo Wii might just have an additional storage add-on coming to it soon. The story goes that a Nintendo meeting was held just a few days ago, where a consensus was decided on the fate of an external hard drive for the Wii.

Yup, folks: it's an external hard drive for your trusty Wii. Now there are no other details on the rumor, although Game Laboratories does place their source on the "rather reliable" list. So if this is anything to rave about, exactly what would you need additional hard drive space for?

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BlackIceJoe4233d ago

With the rumors that Sega Saturn games will end up on the Wii having a Hard Drive could be really use full. Plus with adding a Hard Drive future games could use it for different things. So I for one hope this turns out to be a real thing other then wishful thinking.

Maddens Raiders4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

hunt me down and try to gouge out my eyes, but I've been screaming for this for months if not concept. Nintendo is not stupid, it was just a little naive and dare I say brash with what they brought to the people in general. (People with no arms and legs???) I just don't see how anyone would think that a motion sensing controller would be enough to quell the appetites of core gamers for months and years on end (Miyamoto, Reggie). In the end I think that it was an experiment that's gone well from the beginning in fooling most of the people most of the time (the first time around), and before round 2 of "console selling season" its time to switch strategies before the consumer begins to really think through a "non-HD purchase" in a world that is rapidly becoming HD. And now Ninty is imlplementing their fail safe plan since they see what 360 and PS3 have brought to the table. Let's face it -- in the end -- they just wouldn't win with the effort put forth thus far (my opinion), but the talk of external HDD and upgrades of any kind for this system will put it in a whole new light. A whole new light indeed. Again SNE deserves a nod for putting all of the necessary nex-gen components in it's system before it came out only to sell as an add-on. Agree?

TheExodus4233d ago

It's not that the Wii couldn't have been an uber jack-of-all-trades console like the PS3, but Nintendo knows consumers won't bite above the $250 price-point. They may nibble (See Xbox 360 sales) & sniff (See PS3 sales), but they definitely won't bite. Given the success of the Wii & it's VC it appears as though Nintendo is considering responding to the market instead of trying to drag it kicking & screaming. Say what you will about the Wii, but the Xbox 360 & PS3 will never sell enough consoles between the two of them to support the videogame industry.

Odiah4232d ago

Then add the option to download Dreamcast games, that would be sweeeeeeeeeet.

ChickeyCantor4232d ago

1: i dont have time to hunt you down :P
2: really, i dont care if nintendo doesnt win, i just want the games they make, neo geo is also coming to the VC, its stuff like this why im not intoo the whole next-gen thing.

i will purchase a PS3+360, but the things is also that nintendo has exclusives....i cant get zelda, mario, metroid on other consoles....therefore i need nintendo's wii, and im not the only one thinking like that.

yess it good that they put it all in 1 machine, i agree.
but some people just want to play fun games without buying the whole package.

"in a world that is rapidly becoming HD"
this doesnt mean the nintendo's Wii content will be something to look down at.
you see yourself as a coregamer and has the need for HD, but i just want games, i dont care about HD and stuff like that, and i know for sure im not the only one.
and untill the day everyone is using HD i bet that casual gamers are more talking about fun games rather then HD resolution.

maybe nintendo is screwing people, with things like these add-ons, but without nintendo's console im never able to play exclusives like mario, zelda etc.
this is why you get a console in the first place.

btw i hope this is true, then maybe we will get bigger games! for the VC.