Best Buy done with PS3 20GB model

The hard evidence is starting to flow in that retailers have had about enough from the PS3's 20GB model. A Best Buy employee sent us a printout from their computer system showing the status of the 20GB model as "discontinued." We confirmed the printout information by contacting three separate stores. This does not mean the 20GB PS3 model's production has been discontinued -- just that Best Buy will no longer carry it.

When Joystiq spoke with Sony's David Karraker earlier this week he told us, "Overwhelmingly, retailers have been requesting the 60GB model, the mix has been about 80 percent 60GB, 20 percent 20GB retailer orders."

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techie4631d ago

Well then if that's the case - and Sony were losing so much more on 20gb models, then they should just drop the 60gb model by $100 and be done with it...they'll lose, what, $20 extra (and once they release the PAL hardware version in the states this difference will diminish)...but their sales will increase.

Marriot VP4631d ago

Well that's interesting,

one question, did the 20gb model come with HDMI? Cause I know they flip flopped on that one a few times.

BrotherSic4631d ago

It did, only differences were the bigger HDD and wireless

calderra4631d ago

I might as well just chalk this account up for bannination:

"That's weird- they're still selling 360's Core unit."


DEIx15x84631d ago

The main reason the xbox model is different is that the core can be made into a premium while the PS3 20gb lacks features of the 60gb model that can't be added.

power of Green 4631d ago (Edited 4631d ago )

That's because theres no real differnce in the two xboxs and if you're going to spend over half a grand you might as well buy the best version. It could just mean no casual gamers are buying PS3 just hardcore loyalist as you know casual gamers buy whats comfortable(not all willing to spend $400-$500-$600's on consoles and care about HDD space).

i rule4631d ago


TylerDurden4631d ago

This wasn't Sony's decision, and if a "Sony fan" wants a 20GB version than they can get it somewhere other than Best Buy

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The story is too old to be commented.