New Mass Effect 2 Alpha Off-screen Footage

During the "Iterative Level Design Process of Bioware's Mass Effect 2" panel at GDC 2009, a few videos were shown to illustrate just what BioWare's process is for, well, designing levels for the sequel to last year's well-received role-playing game.

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MisterNiwa3582d ago

Thats sweet! Im looking forward to it!

NDN_Shadow3582d ago

Though I still need to finish the first game.

thats_just_prime3582d ago

Is it just me or did that look like the chase in Star Wars episode 2

Cenobia3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

someone tell me if there's hardcore, interplanetary, alien porn in this one.

Bnet3433582d ago

I can't wait for Mass Effect 2! I'm holding on to my ME1 saves like they said to see what's up with that. I liked how they use that lil' music at 0:35 on the first video. It's a song from ME1, I always liked it. About these videos, definitely looks realy earlu build like the title says. Wasn't too excited about these but great to look at nonetheless.

Superfragilistic3582d ago

The combat looks much more intense and faster and I really dug the Blade Runner/Fifth Element cut scene in the car.

Game looks amazing for early development. Guess that OXCGN site got its wish despite the naysayers.

Mass Effect 2 is leading the user poll and here it is! lol

Can't wait. :)

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lord_of_balrogs3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Nice! I saw N7 armor on the character in the cutscene. Hopefully it's Shepherd. Notice how they included no dialogue for the man? The subtitles would've confirm whether it was Shepherd or not. It seems we have a Asari companion. Does this mean Liara is gone?

For all the haters, this is just showing the level design and transition, it is not the final product.

NDN_Shadow3582d ago

It could be the consort in Mass Effect 1: Sha'ira.

lord_of_balrogs3582d ago

No the subtitles call her Seryna.

Columbo3582d ago

Looks amazing! Can't wait. Hopefully the release date doesn't slip to holiday 2010.

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