How much longer can Xbox Live charge consumers?

As Xbox Live Everywhere ... Live for Windows starts to bubble up as a topic of conversation, we begin to recognize the absurdity of paying for Xbox Live. Live for Windows will charge the same fees as Xbox Live, but since when did we ever have to pay for easy-to-use matchmaking service on a PC?

Australian site Screen Play asks the same question, "Microsoft has realized that most PC owners certainly won't pay for features they have become accustomed to getting for free, even with the sweeteners of a single Gamertag, Gamerscore and common Friends list. But they are still asking PC owners to pay $80 (Australian) a year just for cross-platform play and match-matching, surely the height of optimism."

Now the question becomes: How long before the console rebellion begins?

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BlackIceJoe4233d ago

I do think it would be nice not to have to pay for Xbox Live. But if it is any thing like the PS Network because it is free I would so much prefer to pay for a better service. I am not saying PSN is crap but I do think it needs to become a lot better. I own both the 360 and PS3 but every week when new stuff is to come out on the PSN I am greeted with nothing more then a few movie trailers and when I use Live I get to download lots of demos.

So what I am saying paying 50 bucks a year to me at least is nothing to get your panties in a bunch. Because at the end of the day I know what I am getting with paying some money. But if the Live service could be free and still get new stuff added to it weekly and not be crap. I am all for it being free.

shysun4233d ago

LOL...Mart, Home will have ONE friends list.I think you should read more about it because as a PS3 owner...this is what I want from Sony online.Stop bashing It for 5 seconds and read up on it alittle.

Shadow Flare4233d ago

When sony releases Home and ps3 gamers still get it for free, will you guys still be defending your $50 purchase? When home is released, i cant see anything thats worth paying $50 for. MS is just grabbing your money will they still can, but eventually theyll make it free. If sony can make an online system that works for free then MS sure as hell can

TheMART4233d ago

Yeah still

Because Home doesn't say that much.

All we see is a Second Life kind of service. 64 users can be in the same 'room' with Home. So how am I gonna find my friends? How is the matchmaking in games done? etc etc.

If it's still the same service, no unified friend list and Home is only a graphical gimick, some sort of 'game' on it's own... Then it brings nothing but promisses again.

Yup I don't mind paying for live. I don't even mind if PC users get it for free. Although I think a real gamer, even on PC, used to be gaming online for free, but had to log in for every game in a different server, is willing to pay for a premium online service.

That gives them a unified friendlist, connects them instantly and give them acces to XBL with their other friends. The PS3 network is for free, but I'd choose XBL over it any day. With or without Home. The games need to be centric, not the gimmicks Sony

DeadlyFire4233d ago

As far as TheMark's comments go that is BS. You get all of the EXACT same features as Live including a unified Friends list with the XMB + Home. There are a few more options with the PS3's online thing though like a browser and keyboard support.

marionz4233d ago

with the price of their console being so high they need a free network, and considering only half of ps3 owners are connected anyway who cares, microsofts online is sweet and i have no problem paying a small fee for a years sub to gold, and as for perchasing points to buy XBLA games, well obviously they have to be paid for, it costs money to run xbox live, people need to be paid for the work they do and its an excellent service!
and dont get me started on home, honestly how much time do people expect to spend mucking round with that? its just a frount to cover up a shoddy online service, and at some stage sony will realise they can charge for it and probably will.
at the end of the day i love xbox live, i probably wont get a gold sub again but only because i dont play online much, but for those who do its totally worth it.
theres not much thats free in life, and i dont see how such a guallity service should be free! stop being cheep people and get what you pay for...quality

Gamer luv4233d ago

But you forget with Home, if you want it to be free, your house/person will probably look so dull when compared to someone paying for items.

Meaning, you want it to be good, you give them money.

The way i see it, is that with XBL, you pay £40 a year.
Then you only buy stuff you dont need or dont really want.

But with the PSN, as its free, you have that £40 to spend on items throughout the year.

But, im not so sure what you get on the PSN for free.
Can someone tell me what you pay for abnd whats free?

If Demos and trailers are free, then i would wonder why im paying £40 a year for XBL.
The only thing i can think of would be if it just doesnt get updated as much... Also i herd it costs alot of money for people to download stuff from Xbox Live, so i presume it would be the same PSN?

Meaning as XBL has income to cover it, they can add more and lose less?

Where are the PSN would add less and still lose just as much.

I would much rather pay a little subscription for PSN and have it even better then what they say they can have it, but thats just me.

Gamer luv4233d ago

But still, with what The Mart said, if they got a 1 month FREE trial like you can on the console, and they believe the difference is significent enough, then $80 a year nothing. But i dont play PC games, partly because i only just bought my new PC and i dont know what PC gamers are used to.

JustCallMeDaddy4232d ago

Sony said that they weren't sure about charging for the use of HOME. But likely they will charge for it.

Hayabusa 1174232d ago

Can't see anything worth paying $50 for? Not even a game?

caffman4232d ago

My 360 HAS keyboard support. Its even exactly the same length as a 360 and white! Perfect!

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Dreamworker4233d ago

good deals like by amazon 12+1month for 39$ no tax and free shipping. I also did get one month included with my cam for free. Many times you get free offers with games like Gears or WSOP. First Month was free with the premium 360. So i paid maybe 2.50-3.00$ a month. Other people smoke a pack cigarettes a day for 5$ or send text messages with ther cellphone what cost more.

shysun4233d ago

Thats not the point.The point is why should I pay for Live on my PC,when I can get the same service for free(Xfire,gamespy ectect). What, I should pay 50$ just to play against 360 owers?Thats BS,I'll just stick to PC VS PC play.

shotty4232d ago

Since when does Xfire let you play against Xbox 360 owner. Xfire lets you play against other PC owners for free, windows live lets you play against other PC owners for FREE. If you have xbox live then you automatically have the PC version too, so it basically lets you game on your PC and Xbox 360 for 1 price. As an xbox live user it expands on the platforms I can game on without any increase in price. There is no negative to this situation. PC gamers get what they always had but now their friends list, messages are all unified for FREE and Xbox 360 live users can now also use their Vista PCs to game.

power of Green 4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

Forever as long as they spend the dough wisely adding features updating ect. $50 a year. lol Only Hardcore Sony gollums would even try to turn paying $2 a week into a problem. I lost $50 bucks in change in my car seats and another in my Sofa last year. lol

We pay to play people from all over the planet and maintaining sever farms ect, its a service after all Video chating/phone. You also get the MS deal card thingy i forgot what its called i never bothered with it but the deals you get from it more than make up the $2-or $3 bucks you pay in a week.

i rule4233d ago

when the others get to the point they can compete, then maybe I will start to complain