The Sales of The Xbox360 and PS3 Are Dissapointing

A Deutsche Bank securities analyst Jeetil Patel points out some interesting facts about the sales of the current gen consoles. He points out the lack of sales on both ends the Xbox360 and Playstation 3.

Jeetil Patel talked about the Xbox 360 and PS3 and their problem with lack of demand:

"Next-gen hardware sell-through of 700K units in Feb-07 brought its total HW installed base to 8.0mn in the US, still 30% less than the prior cycle at 11.2mn units at equivalent stages. Xbox 360 (230K) and PS3 (130K) unit sales were below expectations of 250K-300K and 200K respectively. Retail checks reveal that ample supply exists, suggesting a demand problem for next-gen consoles."

He also goes on to compare Xbox360 sales to original Xbox sales.

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ASSASSYN 36o4624d ago (Edited 4624d ago )

Xbox sales vs. Xbox 360 disappointing...what about PS2 massive sales vs the minuscule PS3 sales. Thats plain atrocious.

FordGTGuy4623d ago

If the Xbox 360 sales were so bad how are there so many more Xbox 360s out there compared to Xbox 1 at the same time.

NPD is flawed but its the only thing we have.

BrotherSic4623d ago

i did think they factored in the other retailers. could be wrong though

Marriot VP4623d ago (Edited 4623d ago )


what do you expect when they cost 400-600 bucks, and HDTV's being a very important, almost vital, prerequisite. I'm dissapointed that these so called "analysts" are surprised of the sales being so low.

The public has spoken, the price is too high and the first next gen console to reach a reasonable price of 250 or lower gains the most ground.(wii excluded, even though it'll do very well)

ALIEN4623d ago

360 and ps3 sales are dessapointing.

TheMART4623d ago (Edited 4623d ago )

Hhhmmm I don't know if this is completely right.

How are 11 million 360's sold in about 1 year and 3 months bad if the original XBOX sold what, 24 million units in 5 years?

I mean if the 360 keeps selling like this and it looks if sales are stepping up and are at least stable (compared to the PS3 that drops in USA for sure, now 125k or so the 360 @ 230k), the PS3 ain't catching up.

When the price drops this year (which will certainly happen) on the 360 premium and it hits 299 Euro, just see how sales are stepping up even more.

But again, the way how I see it

1 year, 3 months: 11 million 360 units sold
5 year: 24 million xbox units sold

It seems like the 360 is selling much faster and more stable. At this rate, it will have sold at least 55 million in the same life cycle time

@ Vojkan (below)

What makes you think the PS3 will sell so much better in Europe then in Japan/USA?

Before a Playstation sold major in Japan also. With the PS3 it doesn't. Before the Playstation sold major in USA. It doesn't do so this time around (I am talking about the PS3, not the PS2 ofcourse).

The PS2 is doing fine indeed. What would you expect from a console that costs 100 dollar/euro? Mass of people buy those under 200 dollar/euro. Ofcourse that outsells next gen machines....

People are not massively waiting for the PS3 in Europe. Sony fans also said, wait untill the PS3 releases in Japan, they eat anything that says Sony doesn't matter the price. They said it about USA. It would outsell the 360 in no time. What's the actual situation? Japan is extremely low sales for PS. USA... the 360 sells twice as much almost. The hype has died about the PS3 and it's too expensive.

Europeans are no aliens to the rest of the world. They won't spend totally different. THe PS2 is doing fine indeed. Seeing Gods of War 2 that is plausible. Heck

Buy a 360 premium+ a PS2 and spend less then a PS3, have more fun!

Vojkan4623d ago

Xbox 360 sold "only" 3.3 million units in EU. Here people are waithing to buy PS3 it really seems like most of the people dont care that much about 360, its Sony, Sony, hear.
And also i think sales overall are not that bad. "Problem" is that this time there is this cheap console called PS2. Yes its old but you dont need HDTV to enjoy it, yes its old BUT you there is around 2500 games on market, yes its old BUT its only like 120 bucks for this small "cute" system. PS2 is main competitor to 360 and PS3 dont forget that. Its still outselling both systems on each teritory.

dragunrising4623d ago

Sony has strong brand awareness in Europe but not as strong as you would think. The 360 is quite popular in its own right. Looking at the sales data for games sold in GB, it looks like Xbox has a definite presence. The top selling game for the week of March 4-10 was Tom Clancy's: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. Number 5 was Crackdown. Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 was number 8.

What you should pay most attention to in sales data during slow months is not neccesarily hardware sales, but software sales. While the 360 missed its goal by a short mark in hardware sales, software sales(US) far exceded the Wii and PS3 in comparison. The console I would be most worried about is the PS3, as it didn't even have a presence in the sales figures. I don't expect anything different in the European market. Pre-orders aren't even filled...sounds like weak demand to me.

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