Sony Provides Supply For Europes Strong Demand

PSU.COM Reports:

"With the PAL launch of Sony's PlayStation 3 coming up on March 23rd, major European retailers are gearing up for the event. Some are expecting it to be one of the wildest console launches in history.

Currently pre-orders are going strong. Apparently Sony has been updating the numbers of consoles the retailer will be receiving. Every update adds thousands of consoles. "

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TheMART4627d ago (Edited 4627d ago )

It isn't that strong as Sony tries to let you believe.

Only 2/3 have been pre ordered. If you walk in a shop on the 23rd of March you'll be able to pick one up

@ Deepbrown (below) First off, will it be 220k @ launch? Sony said it would be 4 million @ launch for USA/Japan. Then 2 million, then 500k. It ended up being 250k for USA and 80k for Japan.

Plus, I don't know dude, but do you have a link from 50k 360's @ launch in UK?

Furthermore, the 360 is outselling the PS3 in USA twice. Twice as much 360's sold this month compared to the PS3. That makes me wonder, the PS3 ain't doing well in Japan. Why in hell would Europe be any different? The thing just costs too much

smitty4627d ago

pay of no mind to him.

techie4627d ago (Edited 4627d ago )

2/3 of 220,000 for the UK. What was the 360 launch for the UK? Um think it was 50,000.

We'll have to wait for actual sales figures - numbers sold, not percentage, as that will let us know. Can't win really - if they put a million consoles in the UK the percentage preordered would be 1/6 and then you'd say it was really poor. 220,000 is a lot.

And also isn't it the point for a launch to be able to queue up to a shop and buy a console? They would be a successful launch, not one like the Wii where you can't even find one - that's what's frustrating.

TheMart - the 360 launched with 300,000 in Europe and 50,000 in the UK. As you've read in this article they are increasing the allowance for the UK. We know that manufacturing has stablized and they now have no problems in producing them. Hey ho.

Oh here's the link http://www.boostmarketing.c...
It was also said on another article that Microsoft were deliberately putting out a low number so they'd sell out - that is of course a crazy rumour, not one which I pretend to believe.

BrotherSic4627d ago

220,000 is alot, it took the wii 5 weeks upto christmas to sell that.

i predict launch day sales (including pre-orders) to be around 180k

Violater4627d ago

You damn TROLL, i swear the mart comments on Ps3 news more than he does 360's.
I swear the ps3 can't catch a break, they get a bad rap when the supplies are low, and a bad rap when they are sufficient. Damned if you do damned if u don't.

AllroundGamer4627d ago

its just the old Mart with his sexbox, let him alone will ya :)

trane074627d ago

Trolling has gotten more and more dumber by the day. Your say doesnt affect anything and you're basically jabbing just to hear yourself. Why not just take your " a double s" back to the 360's area and stay there. Why would someone who hates a console spend time trolling in it? its stupid and dumb as hell.

Bathyj4627d ago

You can put you bad spin on every bit of good Sony news you hear if you want Mart. You even post first, apparently you're that eager. What you fail to realise is, even if you were right, we wouldn't care. We like the PS3 and were only gonna like it more as it gets better.

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