Xbox Live scheduled downtime on June 27th?

Xbox Live will be unavailable on June 27th from 02:00 'til 06:00 PDT, according to the official PlayOnline site. Major Nelson is MIA at the moment and by the looks of it there's no official word from Microsoft so we'll just have to wait until the Major gets back from his trip to Cali. Hopefully this update has something to do with the release of Street Fighter II, a man can only hope…

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FamoAmo5809d ago

Sounds like they will be adding alot of content!! PREY DEMO, STREET FIGHTER, CHROMEHOUNDS DEMO... Why do they need to take it down though. I thought they added demo's and things without taking it down?

ZeroAlarm5809d ago

What a nice present ^_^ As long as it isn't down all day

The BS Police5809d ago

Everytime XBL is down for a bit we always get something neat when it's back online!

PS360PCROCKS5809d ago

Their better be, because their sucking as* right now, the Prey demo should have been up by now, this is rediculous, the developer wouldn't send them a bad demo so you know it's Microsoft, probably delaying it so theirs less time in between the launch of the game

Droidbro5808d ago

ms played it and it sucks. so they wait for the game so people have less time to find out it sucks before they buy the game

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The story is too old to be commented.