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When I first got killzone 2 into my hands I thought ah just another squeal. The hype around this game is
massive and this is what everyone was waiting for..Well all I can say is for a game this hyped up it doesn't fail in any department,it has everything stunning graphics, amazing gameplay, storyline and an amazing multiplayer.

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farhsa20083518d ago

quite late with the review arent you? Although I guess to truly know what greatness is, it leaves you wanting to stay for the ride forever

Mikerra173517d ago

but I guess its a fair score

bpac1234567893518d ago

But playing killzone 2 on a 50 inch hd tv with 5.1 sourround sound was an video game experience second only to MGS4. I died so many times trying to check out all the detail they put into the game. And the last level had an intensity that was second to none, really felt like you where right there.

fishd3517d ago

You should try it with no HUD.You will cry,I guarantee that:D


but warhawk is defiantly a much better game than this.

rekonizakilla3517d ago

Warhawk is seriously intense and maybe more fun overall, but nothing makes my heart go quite like KZ2. I know it's a little shallow but the awesome graphics really do add to the whole experience of Kz2 and no other game can compete with that.
For me KZ2 has actually ruined some of the games of slightly lesser quality.

giovonni3517d ago

I wasn't as dazzled as I would have liked to have been with the game. I actually had more fun playing Resistance fall of man 2. The game is great with good sounds and beautiful graphics, maybe I'm just getting older and slowly moving away from the video game scene.

The review is late, but ahh well.

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The story is too old to be commented.