Kingdom Hearts 3 Teaser Extended: New Characters Revealed

It is believed that the secret trailers unlocked at the end of each Kingdom Hearts game are visions into what Square Enix has planned for the next edition in the Kingdom Hearts series. If you have had the chance to beat Kingdom Hearts 2 on the hardest difficulty and complete certain tasks, you have seen the supposed Kingdom Hearts 3 teaser trailer…for everyone else; you can watch it on YouTube.

Here is the original Teaser:

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GaMr-4234d ago

Im loving the new look. I tried the other ones but the whole disney theme wasnt doing it for me. A tad bit too kiddie. But this one seems to have a more Final fantasy like approach.

Chagy4234d ago

that sh!t looks hot ima have to cop this one 4 sure

BlackIceJoe4234d ago

Well I hope KH3 turns out to be great and from the looks of the trailer I can't help but say it looks like KH3 is going for more of a real life look over a cartoon look. At least that is what it looks like and it just be one part of the game. But I like this look more.

omfg_1114234d ago

i hate teaser!!! after watching one u got to much questions left :(

lilwingman4234d ago

Though this video looks awesome, and looks like it c ould be a final fantasy game, I think KH3 will retain a similar feel to that of it's two predecessors.

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