Capcom interested in Wiiware filesize after the SDHC support

Seems the fans are not the only people interested in the benefits of the new Wii Menu update / SD storage solution.
Here is the statement made by Capcom's Christian Svensson:
"Code execution from SDROM we were not pre-briefed on (or at least I wasn't). Arcade we've known about for a good while…I've got no news to share on this [Virtual Console Arcade]. Sorry. ….I'm not commenting on specific titles at this time BUT…They've fixed something (regarding storage) for consumers which is fantastic… the question is, does this change allow for a change in the filesize limitations that the Wiiware program has had. That was notably absent from Iwata's keynote but is a question I will be following up on with our reps at Nintendo. I'm hopeful."

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TriforceLightning3491d ago

When and if Nintendo gives Capcom the okay on increased file size to Wiiware, expect Capcom to capitalize on this immediately.

Smacktard3491d ago

With a Wiiware rail shooter!

Cajun Chicken3491d ago

Please welcome me to the Powerstone World again, this time on Wii.