TGR News Roundup: Duke Nukem Urinal Ads, Epic Left 4 Dead Sales Numbers

Word has been received today of the astonishing sales numbers recorded by L4D, and also featured are urinal advertisements for Duke Nukem Forever.

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Mabuti3493d ago

The question of where gaming would be without Nintendo is appropriate as well.

cain1413493d ago

We would be missing a lot of great games...

NeverforgetNES3493d ago

Duke Nukem Urinal Ads...Hilarious.

cain1413493d ago

Why would pissing on a product make me want to buy it...

stewie328873493d ago

You obviously haven't spent time with the Duke.

SlamVanderhuge3493d ago

If you have seen last year's amazing trailer for the upcoming Duke Nukem Trilogy, you would know why this urinal ad makes perfect sense.

DK_Switch3493d ago

... but I never forget a product I've peed on.

Mabuti3493d ago

I cant wait to let it fly on some ads in toilets!

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Cajun Chicken3493d ago


Duke comp winner is Spokesperson for E3, possibly exclusive to 360 and PC.


Duke Nukem 3D on XBLA, also unlockable concept art of 'Forever and MS have had a previous exclusive from 3D Realms before.

redfield853493d ago

Can't wait for the L4D update.

cyguration3493d ago

urinal ads for Duke Nukem: because no one takes a piss better than he does.

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