Majora's Mask - Nintendo's Fluke

4CR Writes:

"Majora's Mask was a bizarre, unrepeatable fluke for Nintendo. It was one of the most mature and complex exercises in gaming narrative that has ever existed, and it came out of a company most famous for a princess who is the target of repeated kidnappings and the man who has to save her ad nauseum.

What the hell am I talking about, and how does it relate back to Phantom Hourglass? The answer lies beyond. It's a bit of a long, winding, and slightly pretentious road, but everything will hopefully make sense by the end."

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Breakfast3517d ago

Great find, great read.

"Reaching out to a new audience took a leap of faith for you, Nintendo. But then you seemed to stop trying. I want you to take another leap of faith. I want you to create something even half as ambitious and emotional as Majora’s Mask. Defy my expectations. Surprise me. You’ve done it before, and I know that you can do it again. "

I love you! ...whoever wrote this article (by Gregory Gay). The newer Zelda games have lost that secret spice, that made the older games extra nice. Never thought about it till now, but the newer Zelda's games feel like a re-tread of whats been done already. Theyre all still great games, but they dont have that ambition that the ones in 90's, and early 2000's, carried with them.

I dont feel like writing anymore, but again, great article, and a great find. Thanks CanadianGuy!

ThatCanadianGuy3517d ago

You...o..k? :P

Tho i agree it was a good read.Majora's Mask was my favorite Zelda game by far.

Breakfast3517d ago

My second favourite....but i havent really gotten a chance to go back at it, and re-witness the high maturity levels of the game. Too young at the time to -really- appreciate it. Although i remember it being mature, the article made me think back, and remember that it was insanely mature. Loved the game though!....just need to play it again to love it some more :)

Oh...and ill be soon as i find the right article :D