Empire: Total War updates cause additional bugs

An update for Creative Assembly's Empire: Total War, which was released to 'fix some random crashes in sound', has inadvertently brought a new set of issues for some players.

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Agent VX3679d ago

I have been getting this error starting when I got the new patch. I am on campaign and twice already, the bloody game crashes as soon as the battle ends.

This is my first big issue with the game so far, as it has been running smooth before the last patch. Hopefully they get this fixed real soon.

thor3679d ago

I didn't pick this game up because I had terrible issues with the demo. I changed the resolution - it crashed. I finally managed to change it - it chugged. So I tried to change it back... and managed it on about the 5th try. It took around 20 minutes to actually change the setting but it managed it in the end. Then after all that I played it and it seemed to have all the same weird pathfinding issues (TAKE THE F-ING ROAD DON'T MUSCLE YOUR WAY THROUGH THE TREES) and other odd things (Why did you just line up in one long line stretching halfway across the screen? I want you in formation, that doesn't mean a single line you retards) that I've seen in every RTS to date which is irritating. They seem to respond irritatingly slowly to your directives, and when you tell them to fire it seems ineffective for far too long. I would have given it a chance if it wasn't for all the technical issues that plagued it.

Agent VX3679d ago

I have had pathfinding issues also. Placing troops on a fortress walls is bothersome as is placing troops along side a cliff.

All in all, the pathfinding a decent, but it can be frustrating at times.