Clips: Next-Gen Ménage à Trois

Source: kotaku.

In these days of rabid fanboyism it's rare to find someone who can step beyond the hate and love all three consoles equally. Kotakuite NYTrigga101 has done just that with three new videos that he's posted up on Gamtrailers that would make MTV jealous. His three pieces titled Reasons to get a PS3, Reasons to get an Xbox 360 and Reasons to get a Wii are all odes to their respective consoles, highlighting some of the best games for each. My favorite is the insane Elebits portion of the Wii video with the little Elebits dancing about like chorus girls from a Busby Berkely film.

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TheMART4323d ago

Well... I still think anyone would say the 360 video is the most impressive! The Wii is totally off. Now I really know I won't buy it for the coming time for sure.

PureGamer4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

you fuking cUnt go get a life

nice vid

was a bit thats why i edited it go look at my xbox live rant on that article. lol

Violater4323d ago

I think its a decent attempt at a compilation, though I dont remember seeing KZ2.
BTW TheMart it was all done as a non fanboy gesture i believe, I'm curious as to how old u are.

OldSchoolGamer4322d ago

Great to be a gamer (period), rock on all consoles, we are in for a great fews years!