10 movies that would make great games

Don't look for Saving Private Ryan on this list, because if there's one thing we don't need it's yet another WWII game. Instead, this list hits on ten classic movies that are really begging to be made into a movie, including one movie that's about doing so well at gaming that you're given your own starship.

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hitthegspot3494d ago

Duke Nukem would kick Snake Plissken's ass and then chew some bubble gum.

Cajun Chicken3494d ago

Duke didn't come up with that phrase BTW, it's originally from a movie called They Live, which also coincidentally would be another great game to make based on a John Carpenter classic.

Man, I would also love a Snake Plissken 'Escape' game, time for the original Snake to get some videogame attention.

PirateThom3494d ago

Hardly any of Duke's lines are original. They're still hilarious though.

Cajun Chicken3494d ago

I like Duke, but I'm currently more a Serious Sam person. Can't wait for 'Forever though.

KionicWarlord2223494d ago

"i go where i please.and i please where i go" -duke nukem ...but any way sin city would be good.

HorrorStyle3494d ago

That's a really nice and unexpected list! Great article, thanks :)

Tempist3494d ago

You're being sarcastic right? Half the list is already a game and other entries wouldn't work at all.

10) Numerious Space flight sim games
9) Good, the Bad, the Ugly = Red Dead Revolver / GUN
8) I fail to see how this would be entertaining
7) Fifth Element is ALREADY A GAME. And I don't think it was good
6) There were like 2-3 gladiator games released after the movie came out.
5) Doesn't he mean Firefly? But still, Freespace was kind of like that already
4) WTF?!
3) Erm. The Snake Pliskin was covered in... Metal Gear. And mentioned again in... Metal Gear Solid 2. (Hint, it's Solid Snake!)
2) It's already being made so it doesn't count. Even in Developer Hell it still a game.
1) Fallout 1/2 kind of covered this already. Hell the idential Armor was a dead give away. Story no, but overall theme, yes.

Lionsguard3494d ago

Evil Dead/Army of Darkness needs to be made into a game.

vudu3494d ago

Does the knock-off count? "Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick" for PS2.

farhsa20083494d ago

the only movie game i want to see is mortal kombat 3, come on make it happen!

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The story is too old to be commented.