PS3 Week: What's that coming over the hill?

Is it a console? Yes, we've been complaining about the lack of games over the last few weeks but there's absolutely nothing to bitch about come March 23rd.

You'd expect a long list considering the small matter of Sony's next-gen console hitting the shelves but 63 titles? That's insane. It certainly raises a few questions; like who's going to buy all this stuff, why did THQ decide to release the long-awaited S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl on such a fateful day and why does the PS3 look like a George Foreman grill?

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Chagy4233d ago

do i hear a law-suit coming up lol

GaMr-4233d ago

I never got the PS3 Grill jokes. Till I laid my flat and looked at it the other day. Holy SHyt... that think does look like a foreman Grill.. lmfao...ahahahahaha
dammn it seriously does... Now I get it.... Im a little late soo what sue me.

Torch4233d ago

Yes, but it's such a BEAUTIFUL George Foreman Grill, wouldn't you say?

...and think of the added health benefits from all the fat you'll be skimming off your ribeye steak!

<Read in the voice of the legendary Homer Simpson>:

BBsin4233d ago

Bladestar: PS2 remote = pS3 remote.... you ever heard of the phrase "if it ain't broken, don't fix it??" Unless you rather have that huge banana boomerang remote sony first showed then stop complaining about stuff like sony copying or "identity" issues. As if MS never copied anything... **laughs**

BIadestarX4233d ago

What can you expect from a company that stole the fonts from spiderman (as if people didn't know), posted PGR images on their site and then the grill. Seriously where do these people get their inspiration from?

PS3Wii4233d ago

Dude, Sony made the Spiderman films and they have the rights to that special Spiderman 3 font (so they can use it on the PS3 if they want).

Figboy4233d ago

again, with the "Sony steals everything," bull.

they do *OWN* the company that owns the Spider-Man movie rights, and thus the Spider-Man movie font (Columbia/Tri Star).

honestly, the font shouldn't be an issue.

when i'm playing my PS3, i'm not like "Man, that Spider-Man 3 font really detracts from this awesome game of Resistance! I should turn my PS3 on it's side, so I don't have to look at that cursed font while I enjoy my games."

it's as retarded as the people complaining about how heavy the 360 and PS3 are. what? are you people sitting the damn things on your laps while you're playing your games?

as for the actual article, i think it's great that there are a nice variety of titles coming to all platforms, though i do wonder who's going to be purchasing all of these.

only a few on that list interest me, but i don't have the funds to get each and every one.

the PS3 is getting more titles, which is always a good thing, and it's just going to get better from here on out. the month's of May, June, and July look especially satisfying to me as a PS3 owner.

BIadestarX4233d ago

It does not matter if they borrowed it from one stupid to another within the same company. It simply shows the level of creativity within the company. Are you going to tell me that just because Sony owns the rights to the movies it's original to use spiderman's fonts on all their products. The PS3 deserved its own identity, wouldn't you think? How about the controller... isn't that a PS2 controller?

well, at least we know where Sony will get the PS4 fonts; maybe Casino Royale?

blackmagic81034233d ago

omg stop trying to pick a fight. its pretty damn lame and p.s. its a frickin font who gives a crap god you act like its the end of the world. omg i'm using the same font that you did. Did i steal it from u?

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techie4233d ago

Hehe imagine owning the rights to a font - microsoft must have loads with Microsoft Word. I think they own the letter "X"...damn I'll get sued now.

giovonni4233d ago

What's with the rhetorical question? Ok, Let me clear the air, wasn't the media, fans, and everybody that wasn't under a rock loving the design of the ps3? Now it's a "Foreman Grill?" Would this be because of Sony's new(maybe not for long) lackluster position, after there boastful rhetoric, " The future starts when "We"(Sony) says so?" comments, have only left customers feeling a wii bit shamed?Get it, "Wii"? I 've digressed, but what would you expect? It's just history repeating it self , except this time around ps3 has some good comp. I'm still upset that people are still believing any companies rhetoric with out testing or really seeing the goods.

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