Army Of Two Dialogue: Rubbish

Army of Two is looking good. Pity it's not sounding good. N'Gai Croal over at Newsweek has had a long-standing issue with the awful dialogue offered up thus far by EA, and is now venting.

"The problem isn't that Army of Two seems to have taken a more humorous turn than we originally anticipated. The problem is that it's not especially funny. It's juvenile, and generically so, as if cynically cobbled together from the collective unconscious of a focus group of 12-year-old boys".

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JPomper4230d ago

It's a valid concern. Sh!tty dialogue can be a huge distraction. The game itself looks badass, so I hope they rework the dialogue if it's as bad as he says it is.

Rasputin20114230d ago

The game looks [email protected]$$ but if the dialogue is horrible then I will be extremely disappointed because just like "JPomper" stated "Sh!tty dialogue can be a huge distraction" and could actually make this game into a bust.