Being a 40-year-old Gamer

Being a 40-year-old Gamer

John JCal Callaham


Today is my 40th birthday. On March 14, 1967 my mom gave birth to me in Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. I don't consider this event to be world shattering by any means but as I am now officially "middle aged" it's considered normal to look back at what many feel is the first half of your life and look forward to the second half. Let me state up front that I don't feel 40 years old at all. I still consider myself to be a big kid in many ways. I am perhaps a little more responsible now and I try to think more about the consequences of my actions before I make decisions in my life but overall being 40 isn't that big of a deal to me. Getting to be 50 years old might be…but that's a discussion for a decade from now.

Being not only a gamer at 40 years old but also one that happens to get paid for writing about the industry is certainly something that warrants a small essay (and for those of you who think this is self-indulgent… comments from the peanut gallery). It's a little weird to be born in a time when just a few years later the first real game consoles and home computers started showing up in people's homes and therefore starting up the massive industry that covers everything from small one man game dev teams all the way up to multi-million dollar projects that sometimes employ hundreds of people. There are people in the world younger than me but still adults who have never lived in a world without video or PC games and there are people older than me who might still consider this industry to be a recent "fad" that doesn't seem to go away.

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sak5004628d ago

people in 40s also still very much into gaming. Im 36yrs old and i thought i was getting old for it ;)

Captain Tuttle4627d ago

I'm an old fart too. I can relate.

mishmosh4627d ago

we grew up in the golden age of video games...of course we still play!