World Of Warcraft Players Racking Up 16 Million Quests A Day

First, Kotaku wants to pass on World of Warcraft lead game designer Jeffrey Kaplan's apologies. He's very sorry about Stranglethorn Vale's 19-piece fetch fest Nesingwary's Expedition. But it's clear WoW players adore questing.

How do they know? Kaplan says that the legions of players inhabiting Blizzard's massively multiplayer online game are completing more than 16 million quests a day on average. Perhaps the more staggering figure was the time slice from July of 2007 to March of 2009, when World of Warcraft players racked up an impressive 8,570,222,426 quests.

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Timesplitter143494d ago

that's only 2 quests per player

Seferoth753494d ago

No they have 11million players. Also that would mean that most are logging on every day. That is just not the case with the majority of WoW players. Probably 30% play it daily.

Timesplitter143494d ago

Actually, it's not impressive at all.

There are 11 milion (or something) people who play this game.

And even then, it wouldn't be sad. Playing a game is playing a game, no matter if it's online or not.

Mutley4163494d ago

Sht alot of people dont quest any more...they do acheivments, and raids...

Me I did atleast 10 quests tonight...45k left til I`m level 68...heheh...LK right around the corner.... bought a pet Cobra this eve...he`s Red and Green...friggin sweet-...this much to do, so much to learn...

Mutley4163494d ago

I cant remember when I missed a day...least to log in and check my mail from the AH...gotta keep the Gold flowin...

Robiul3494d ago

I have an original just beside me which I bought not too long back after seeing what all the hype was about, when I finally got online the game did not suit me at all, it's not that great of a game, but I can see the appeal in it.

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