Clip: Don't F With Grandma!

Grandma from game site Old Grandma Hardcore just got a PS3 and Resistance. Here's a NSFW (language, yo, not nudity, NOT NUDITY) of her playing through and cussing up a storm.

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techie4260d ago

hehe that's what's in store when we start to age. You "fukers!"

Chagy4260d ago

i bet she can take us all on online

techie4260d ago (Edited 4259d ago )

Yes I think we should teach some words to these guys. You think this old bird is a fitty or a minger? lol

Haha I know you weren't talking about the old bird. I think she's a MILF.

Bad_Karma4259d ago

MINT i was referring to the video clip and not the old girl on it . For you to even begin to think this way db is very disturbing ;)

DrWan4259d ago

You don't want to get on that woman's bad side.

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