Rumor Killers: Mass Effect 2 PS3, Ace Combat PS3, & a new Ratchet & Clank game

Will Mass Effect 2 be coming to PS3? Is a new Ace Combat game coming to PS3? A new Ratchet & Clank game announced.

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NeverforgetNES3494d ago

I want Mass Effect 2 on ps3. Now!

OmarJA3494d ago

It's coming, count on it...

joydestroy3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

wrong reply

pain777pas3493d ago

That game to me is better than the Gears series and the best 360 console exclusive if M$ loses this one than the PS3 is my platform for rest of the generation. Haven't used my 360 in months. PS3 ME1 and 2 bundle called ME ultra pack or something. They both can fit on one bluray easy its only EAs grubby money hungry mits that would ask us to pay for both. Yet they did orange box and brought dead space and Mirrors Edge so who knows which EA will come up to the plate anymore because as great as Burnout was initially there colours are coming out now to say the least.

sonarus3494d ago

At this point a PS3 mass effect announcement will be devastating for the 360. Microsoft seems to be having trouble securing exclusives beyond DLC

RadientFlux3494d ago

only if you are fanboy, me I couldn't care less just happy they are making a sequel

sonarus3494d ago

Notice i didn't say it will be devastating to you...i simply said it will be devastating to microsoft. Mass effect is the last big 3rd party exclusive they have really. IMO they need to try to keep it a 360 exclusive because they can't live off gears and halo forever

TheColbertinator3494d ago

Actually Sonarus,they can.Halo is too popular to be ignored now.MS could make Halo 4,slap in a couple of new guns and the people will eat it up like crazy.

morganfell3494d ago

The issue with which Bioware is wrestling at the moment isn't one of exclusivity. Rather it's one of marketing. They have a very intricate situation which must be sorted. This is necessary in order not to waste any huge chunk of revenue.

The question facing them is how do we release Mass Effect 1 on the PS3 with Mass Effect 2 a year a way? The earliest they can likely have Mass Effect 1 ready for the PS3 is this fall. Such proximity may damage sales. So they are asking, do we release the first one to the PS3a few months beforevthe second one releases on the 360 and PC and then release the second one on PS3 three to four months later?

Or, do we release the first one on the PS3 at the same time as the second one releases on the 360 and PC? Or do we package the first and second Mass Effect together on PS3 together for a price of roughly $79.99? Whatever the situation it would be an absolute disaster to release the first one on the PS3 AFTER they release the second one on the PS3.

The fact of the matter is the PS3 user base is now far too massive for EA to ignore its prospective revenue. MS can no longer afford to throw massive amounts of money at exclusivity. Any such deal there will likely be aimed at Modern Warfare 2 since MS has zero trump cards this fall.

What is actually facing EA is how do we release Mass Effect in such a way as to maximize the earnings potential? That is why you are seeing neither a confirmation nor a denial.

3494d ago
morganfell3494d ago

HALO 4 is being handled by Gearbox. It's the worst kept secret in the industry.

joydestroy3494d ago


your first comment makes a lot of sense and is what i believe as well.
+bubbles bro.

IcarusOne3494d ago

ME going multiplat wouldn't be devastating to MS. Given the fact that most multiplat games sell better on the 360, MS hasn't really needed exclusives for quite some time. If ME does go multiplat, it's not going to stop 360 users from buying it. And as a gamer who owns both systems, I'd keep playing it on the 360 mainly because that's where it began.

PS3 users should play this game because it's amazing and I want the franchise to succeed. But all this talk of doom & gloom for MS due to lack of exclusives sounds like the PS3 cult trying to make themselves feel better.

Both consoles are here for the duration. Anyone who hasn't made peace with that by now is an idiot.

sonarus3494d ago

lol i'm not being a fanboy i'm just being realistic. They are lacking on the upcoming exclusives point. Never has the future for the 360 looked so empty.

They need to hold on to Mass Effect it will be a big loss if they don't

Omega43494d ago

What the hell are you on, ME2 on PS3 wont do anything to MS just like Bioshock, Lost Planet, Dead Rising etc everyone still buys the 360 versions cause thats where they all started

The only devastation from games going multiplat was with GTAIV, RE5, DMC4, Tekken, FFXIII and the list goes on. ME is a new IP to this gen and is seen as a 360 title and the majority of sales will be on the 360 which makes you wonder will EA bother with a port when they wont make a return?

morganfell3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Well Omega you are not fully analyzing the situation. It isn't a direct head on impact but instead it broadens the Sony catalog increasing the attractiveness of the PS3. Particularly to those that are considering dumping their troubled 360.

"Well several of my favorite games are now on the PS3 so I am going to trade my 360 in." That is becoming a more common scenario. Or it pushes first time buyers in the direction of the PS3. So it does in fact affect Microsoft albeit in an indirect manner.

And Icarus, 'duration' is a relative term. If certain consoles aren't able to keep up for the long haul - and this will be a longer generation - then duration takes on a different meaning.

joydestroy3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

morganfell makes another valid point lol.
i'm one of those dual console owners considering trading in the old box.
i've been buying lots of games on my PS3 more recently. my PS3 library is now equal to my 360 one, give or take a game.

the last time i played my 360 was because i was showing a friend something.

sonarus3494d ago

If Mass Effect 2 is announced for the PS3 then what other worthy exclusive does microsoft have besides Gears of war and Halo 3?

With all the exclusives stolen by microsoft, sony still has their own share of worthy exclusives to hold on to? What does microsoft have?

Omega43494d ago

"broadens the Sony catalog" Indeed it will, considering the PS3 has little to no WRPGs, in fact the most recent Fallout 3 got outsold 3-1 or more by the 360 version so do you really think PS3 owners (or potential owners) are interested in ME?

"Well several of my favorite games are now on the PS3 so I am going to trade my 360 in." Let me this that for you:

"Well several of my favorite franchise are now on the 360 so I am going to trade my PS2 in and convert to the Xbox brand." :)

Works both ways the only difference is ME is one game, GTA, FF, RE etc are much bigger and more popular, so ME wont help the PS3 a single bit, trust me

morganfell3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Except the 360 isn't the one with the bright future and the coming catalog. Sony is pumping more and more money into gaming while MS is chopping studios and long time standards. Particularly this year. That is what you are missing.

The 360 isn't picking up notice from publishers in the manner the PS3 happens to be. The 360 isn't the one with the now accepted next gen disc medium. The 360 is the one that is more and more showing it's age and is pickling up notice for it's new catalog of failure errors.

So when someone goes to convert there will be the people that do it as cheap as possible. But with the economy on an upturn it's going to be the PS3, it's rapidly expanding library and lengthening performance strides that gets the vote.

When I visit the local Gamestops it isn't the PS3 that is the trade in champ, it's the 360. At the end of the day facts are stubborn things and of the numerous stores here it is the 360 traded for a PS3 that far outpaces a trade in the other direction.

And sonarus, that Gears exclusivity isn't going to last...

Darrius Cole3494d ago

So only the PS2 exclusives that go multi-plat are devasting....The 360 exclusives that go multi-plat don't make any difference at all? I don't buy it.

Exclusives are important because they differentiate your platform in the eyes of the public. The reason Microsoft is buying DLC and marketing it as though it is a game is so that they can make their platform appear different. That is why they viral machine kept pointing at all the early multi-plats that looked better on 360. But no matter how hard they try the public can tell the difference between a full game and DLC.

At the current pace, soon the only advantage the 360 will have over the PS3 is price; and there are rumors and rumblings that the price difference is going to get smaller soon.

Omega43494d ago

Firstly I find it incredible the way that you can get your one sided opinion across without sounding too much like a fanboy that really is amazing

Secondly you can tout that 'ever expanding library' as much as you like but the fact is the majority of those game are games no one wants to play except the extremely hardcore and the sales of Sony exclusives reflect that. So that library isnt to much of a selling point

As for the part on the publishers i think they go where the biggest installbase is not the most powerful console

And obviously there would be more 360 traded in cause there are more of them brought as apposed to the PS3 and if you think things are changing in the US just look at NPD

SlamVanderhuge3494d ago

Best way to release Mass Efect 1 on PS3 is as a download. Won't do much in stores, but will do gangbusters on PSN.

Such a great game...would be cool if everyone got to play it.

IcarusOne3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Someone needs to explain to me - with legit numbers cited - why the 360 is now doomed? You keep focusing on its lack of exclusive titles, but look at the titles it's poached from Sony. Claiming that either one of these consoles will fail at this point wreaks of dumb.

I'm not trying to sound life a fanboy. I'm just curious if there's any fact behind this forecast or if it's all flamebait.

cayal3494d ago

Omega - stop spouting your fanboy gibberish as 'facts'. Facts has proof.

Saying 'but the fact is the majority of those game are games no one wants to play' is completely ignorant and just only shows your fanboy colours. You have nothing to back up that completely ignorant statement.

Killzone 2 has hit almost 2 million
LBP is closing in on 2 million
Uncharted is around 2 million+
Motorstorm 3 million and Pacifit Rift 1 million
Heavenly Sword over 1 million
Resistance FoM over 1 million

These are new IPs, not to mention GTAIV sold just as many on PS3 as 360 with a much lower install base (fact backed up by Rockstar) RE5 is around 50/50 worldwide etc.

If you're just going to talk fanboy crap, the open zone is next door.

RememberThe3573494d ago

If the PS3 is getting ME I would have to agree with Morgan that it would seem to make sense to release it this fall. But I don't think it is because of sales.

I get the feeling that ME2 is going to be a timed exclusive for Windows and Xbox 360. Later that year it will release on PS3. It would make sense to me to release ME on PS3 this fall, then release ME2 on PS3 the fallowing fall.

Unfortunately BioWare says that they are focused on pushing Dragon Age this fall, so the chances of ME being released on a different platform are slim.

morganfell3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

"...the majority of those game are games no one wants to play except the extremely hardcore..." A ridiculous comment considering cayal's evidence. And multiplatforms are all the 360 has left. Gears of war 11? Please.

You actually had a debate in you until that last comment. Methinks someone is getting frustrated so pardon me while I laugh. Hardy har har.

As far as publishers, they go where they make the most sales...up until a point that a userbase becomes too large to ignore. You do not ignore making 50 million from one user base because you can make 70 million from the other. And as we have seen no console is superior in software sales in every sales territory.

Publishers know it isn't smart to ignore one console at the expense of the other unless there is an overriding technical reason. Just as games were not made for the PS3 early on because it was deemed too difficult, be prepared to see the 360 suffer the same fate because it is slaved to DVD9. It may not come down to not seeing a 360 version but the days of trying to make both versions the same and hobbling the PS3 are coming to an end and it won't be the 360 with the upper hand.

If you were correct about only following install base numbers then EA would be one big Wii game factory. Sorry but you are just simply wrong there.

As for the best games

Ubisoft, Namco Bandai, Konami, and a few other publishers will give you a hearty disagree about where their revenue originates. Tecmo obviously loves the PS3 as well thank you Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

And with such a massive sales lead as MS claims the PS3 keeps pace in a great many titles...unless you are talking mainland Europe or Japan where the PS3 buries the 360. I love US centric people that need to be shown a map of the world. And Rockstar will take issue with you over the sales split on one of the biggest games of 2008. Of course Rockstar may not answer the phone since they are hard at work on two PS3 exclusives.

Why dis3494d ago

Much of the DLC come from Playstation exclusives or games that found their new home only on Playstation(most of the time or all)

Dame give a DVD player a "few" games and it goes to peoples heads

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morganfell3494d ago

Didn't read the article, did you.

Cyrax_873494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

...ME going multiplat WOULD be devestating to MS. What has MS got this year? Halo Wars and Halo 3:ODST. Next year so far? ME 2 and Alan Wake? It's one of the few huge titles MS has left, if they lose ME then there's only Gears and Halo left.

spunnups3494d ago

ME1 is being ported as we speak,which they refuse to comment on, and once they announce that, they will announce ME2 coming to PS3 shortly after the 360, timed exclusivity.

uxo223494d ago

Funny thing is, when mass effect was launched, PS3 fans bashed it and said it sucked. Now they all want it? Perhaps all that bashing in the past was simple envy and jealousy.

Kyur4ThePain3494d ago

Not sure I see what you see. Where is it that they "all" say they want it?
People are discussing the possibility of it going to the PS3. Nothing more.
Do you have a chip on your shoulder?

morganfell3494d ago

Just because PS3 fans pointed out some glaring huge issues that made Mass Effect less stellar than 360 fans wanted you to believe doesn't mean they didn't want it were some of those issues to be corrected.

Personally I have the PC and 360 versions.

And you should never talk about PS3 fans hating/wanting Mass Effect considering the manner in which 360 fans have acted over MGS4. That situation with the 360 base far eclipses any comments made by PS3 users.

3494d ago
Why dis3494d ago

Ace combat is coming to PS3 ;)

joydestroy3494d ago

if ME1 does come out for the PS3, i'm selling my 360 copy haha. that's all i have to say :D

ChozenWoan3494d ago

I've personally never said anything negative about Me. In fact, it's one of the only two games I wished PS3 had (the other being Fable2). I've played a little bit of it on a friends Xbox360 and I like the way you get to lead the story... kinda reminds me of the Wing Commander games.

morganfell3494d ago

I was 2 levels into Bioshock when the PS3 version was firmed up enough that I did the same thing then. And I'll do the same thing here.

IcarusOne3494d ago

That's too bad. Because the 360 version was better.

PS - do you have a life, or do you just hover the forums for days on end.

RememberThe3573494d ago

But it did have some hugely annoying graphical issues. Beyond that however, it's hard to find any issues with it.

dragunrising3494d ago

You have a very strange perspective. You try to sound unbiased and neutral, yet you come off as the biggest fanboy on n4g. Trading a 360 copy of Bioshock for a PS3 copy? LOL. Waste of money and waste of time. I hope you liked the challenge levels. The only game I plan on re buying for PS3 is NGSII. The game is an improvement over the old one. Can't say the same for Bioshock.

It blows my mind that you even suggest you have an Xbox. If you listed your gamertag I might believe you (then again you probably would list one that didn't belong to you). Why o' why are you so invested in trashing anything to do with 360? Its borderline obsessive. Additionally, judging by the amount of time your on n4g, I wonder if you even play games but talk about them.

On topic: Bioware never announce exclusivity one way or another. It is up on the air whether the game will come to the PS3 or not. If you flipped a coin you would have better odds of guessing the probability. I believe all gamers should appreciate Mass Effect on whatever platform its available. However, wishing something will come true won't make it so. Case in point MGSIV on the 360.

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reddevilyi3494d ago

It would be kind of dumb for them to put ME2 on the ps3 before the first one.

rhood0223494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Didn't stop THQ from releasing Saints Row 2 or Capcom for the upcoming release of Dead Rising 2.

Neither of the original games released on the PS3.


Continuing the story isn't the issue. The whole idea of importing your character data from the first game, including whatever perks that has, is just an option--especially since the whole Col. Shepard-KIA reveal (or obvious misdirect).

You can still create a character and be brought up to speed on the story, according to Bioware. They said that was specifically for people who never played the original.

mintaro3494d ago

Except those games weren't story based, unlike Mass Effect. Besides with a story as good as Mass Effect, it wouldn't make sense to port the 2nd without porting the first. Which I don't think is possible.

cain1413494d ago

Yeah Mass Effect is very plot based...

morganfell3494d ago

I don't know why you do not think porting Mass Effect 1 is not possible. Ray Muzyka has already remarked that Bioware never said that Mass Effect was an exclusive.

When OXCGN printed the trilogy would be an exclusive they were contacted by Bioware and forced to print a retraction. And that occurred in July of last year after the PC version released so it wasn't the PCers they were looking to avoid discounting.

dragunrising3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Mass Effect 1 more than likely isn't being ported. Unless Mass Effect 1 is ported and available by the end of the summer, no way. If ME2 comes out within the first few months of next year, even less likely.

The only reason I believe ME2 (not 1) could come to the PS3 is on account of Dragon Age coming to PS3 and 360. Since Dragon Age is coming out before ME2 (in the Fall) it could provide enough time to make a PS3 port of the 360 version. Also, it means that Bioware is fully acquainted with PS3 development. Either way its not good bet. Ports of 360 games on the PS3 never look or play as well. Also, Morgan- if ME1 or 2 comes out for the PS3 I'm not going to be an idiot and re buy them. If they come out, enjoy them but don't be a dumb a$$.

Edit: does it matter if an article was retracted? No. If a game is not officially announced as exclusive it shouldn't be printed as such. Rumors don't make very good news.

boodybandit3494d ago

Final Fantasy, GTA, Tekken, Ace Combat......
Sequels are sequels and stories evolve and change.
I honestly don't see how skipping one to the other would hurt.

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