Loot Ninja GDC09: Preview - Fat Princess

Loot Ninja writes:

"I think above all console digital distribution platforms, the PSN continues to be at the forefront of leading innovation and amazingly fun original titles. The latest being Fat Princess from Darkstar Industries. The concept is simple; two teams of medieval soldiers battle it out to try and steal the opposing team's princess. The gameplay, however, is surprisingly deep, comical, and full of fun. I'd heard a good deal regarding Fat Princess previously but had never gotten my hands on, so I was skeptical of all the hype. After playing it at Sony's PlayStation.Blog Lounge at GDC, I cannot wait for its release this summer on the PSN."

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So Easy I Can Do It3496d ago

you're not suppose to steal the other's team princess. You're suppose to rescue your own....

SasanovaS7773496d ago

yea thats what i thought too...each castle has each others princess and the soldiers are fighting to rescue their own

iHEARTboobs3496d ago

Even Caveman understood it! Game looks great though. Can't wait.

iiprotocolii3496d ago

Can't wait for this game to drop. Looks fun as hell.