Why Batman: Arkham Asylum is better than Splinter Cell, Metal Gear and Devil May Cry (GamesRadar Preview)

There's a massive irony when it comes to Batman and videogames. The thing is, there's never been an official game that truly captures the essence of what the character is about, but unofficially, our digital fun-boxes have been providing fantastic almost-Batman games for years.

The elements which make Bats great have long been staples of certain other series. Predatory stealth, intelligent tactical planning, slick and brutal melee violence... There are more than a couple of big franchises which have made them their trademarks for years. But with Arkham Asylum, it looks like Batman is finally taking back what was his all along. GamesRadar has played it. They loved it. Here's why it makes the pretenders to the bat-throne look like exactly that.

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villevalorox3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

as much as i want to report this as lame I won't just for the fact that I will get hate form whoever submitted this.
I do say, while the game may be great, and it might have a lot of things that other games have, this is David Houghton's opinion. And me being David Burns my opinion is different. No I have not played it but I do not think a batman game will ever stomp 3 of my fav games in the ground like that. any of them 3 games standing alone I'm sure would be favored more by the gaming community over Batman: Arkham Asylum. Now I'm not saying this game sucks by all means It look really good. But lmao, this better than MGS!!! Does this guy know what games he is even talking about? Please do not get me wrong, I think this game looks really amazing. But this guy barking up 3 amazing AAA titles. LMAO!

dorron3517d ago

Totally agreed.

Batman is shaping up to be a good game, but it's still lightyears distant from games like MGS.

OhReginald3517d ago

Its got nothing on mgs4. Splinter cell and Devil May Cry yes.....but not mgs4.

kornbeaner3517d ago

I wonder if their hurting for hits down at