The Next MGS: And So it Begins… "If you've been tuned into the Game Developers' Conference 2009, then the obvious is an understatement: This is a Sony affair. A new Zelda for the DS, motion controls for the 360 (courtesy of a third party) but for the most part, it's the Sony fans who should be really excited. Besides more gameplay footage from God of War III and the announcement of a new Ratchet and Clank, Sony certainly held the floor on a high note. Of course, the earnest show-stopper was legendary designer Hideo Kojima's key note speech at the conference where he unveiled a teasing image of the next Metal Gear Solid. As with most teasers, this is once more a tribute to the fact that Kojima and Konami can pretty much toss out as little as they like and the conspiracy theories will begin flying out of the woozoo."

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Spike473494d ago

Expect multiplatform rumors to start popping up as soon as more information is given about the next MGS.
I'm excited for the next Ratchet and Clank game, I loved RC: up your arsenal, it was soo fresh.

Nike3494d ago

I'm surprised rumours of mutli-platformness haven't begun flying. Kojima didn't specifically mention his speech whether the game was Sony exclusive or not, did he?

Ratchet: Deadlocked was also pretty good, if you can appreciate the focus away from platforming and more shooting with squad-based fighting. I found the weapons modding system more flexible. And then there's the ultimate multi-ray smite of death, the Harbinger. Definitely great for a few casual runs.

SasanovaS7773494d ago

if it indeed becomes multiplat, it will be very limited. i dont see how the 360 will earn a profit from MGS going multiplat in the first place, considering it will need more disks, which is expensive, and truth be told, people who are interested in the next MGS for the most part have PS3s. its the reason they went with sony in the first place so...if kojima sacrifices the true potential of the next MGS game for some be fairly dissapointed.

Pennywise3494d ago

MGS wont be MP. No way.

callahan093494d ago

Practically the entire presentation was a love-note to the PS3. There was quite a lot of talk about how they utilized it to do what they wanted, and couldn't have done it without the PS3's capacities. These aren't my words, it's what they presented at the conference. I'm guessing that, with all the rhetoric about how the PS3 is responsible for them being able to come so close to achieving all that they had dreamed for MGS4, the next game Kojima works on will be a PS3 exclusive as well, utilizing, of course, the same engine they built for MGS4, which is, as we all know, optimized for the PS3. Multiplatform would be a major shock, right now the only logical assumption is that they're making another PS3 exclusive.

eagle213494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

GDC was SDC this year...

edgeofblade3494d ago


Honestly, Blu-ray is not necessary. Most of the graphics effects are achieved with a relatively compact algorithm. The real magic happens in the processing units, not the texture files.

And for the nuts who hang on every word Sony utters: there is no such this as "uncompressed sound". You can't record digital audio and claim it's in the perfect state. You have to sample sound, which in itself implies a deviation from perfection. And for the most part, sound reproduction is constrained by the quality of the speakers after a certain bit rate.

HDgamer3494d ago

I'm pretty sure a 50gb game or let's just say we're backing up our hard drives for a second; 50gb data can fit onto a dvd9. Really, do you have any proof what so ever to back this up?

Defectiv3_Detectiv33494d ago

There is such a thing as uncompressed sound recording - haven't you ever heard of HIGH FIDELITY - it can only be achieved w/ old school record players though, not digital recordings.

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dylantalon3494d ago

if kojima is about making quality titles, then mgs 5 will be ps3 know something i dont like about silly people with knowledge about the consoles, is that they would want a quality title on a weak platform when they know it isnt capable of running a game of a mgs 4 calibre.all the big name titles on the xbox 360 are plagued with issues, like glitching, slowdowns and if it has online, they lag alot. titles like gears 1 and 2, mass effect, s.o.4.forza 2,perfect dark 0, nintety nine nights, and a few others.i wouldnt want kojima to downgrade the quality of mgs 5 so it can be on xbox 360 also. if you've played gears 1, gears 2 and mgs 4's campaign, you can tell the difference of technology the consoles have.

i remember people the other day were talking about how the new need for speed shift looked better than gt 5 prologue,lol. the game looks worst than gt 4 on ps2. listen, if you have played all systems or consoles on tvs they were meant to be played on, you can tell a big difference between the systems just by the exclusive titles. remember that xbox 360 have been out for 3 years and a few months and the ps3 has been out for 2years so the xbox 360 should have their exclusives looking better than ps3's exclusives but they arent. can you imagine what the next mgs 5 would look like on ps3 ?can you imagine what killzone 3 will look like. think about this one, can you imagine what gears of war 3 will look like?it'll look like gears of war 1 that has been out since 2006. people can like xbox 360 which is fine, but i dont want to see big name games like mgs 5 being multiplatform because it will be downgrade due to the xboxes inferior hardware which we all know about.

ps. the talon stands for talented

MainstreamGamer3494d ago

bubbles, bubbles, BUBBLES for your outlandish claims sir. You are a saint among fanboys.

Trey4Lyfe3494d ago

I think Kojima really wanted to keep Snake's finale on the playstation brand, but now that he's going for some new things, he may want to try to develop it for the 360 as well, not because he wants to cop out for sales, but because he seems to want to try take on some new challenges, and at least the PS3 version wont be a weak port and wont be left out of exclusive DLC etc.

Dont get me wrong I would like to see MGS5 stay exclusive, but if it goes multi-plat I wont mind either since I believe Mr. Kojima is dedicated to making quality games.

Here come the disagrees :)

cayal3494d ago

I don't care if it is Multi-play either, if it does I will leave this place for about 4 years since the fanboys and stupid articles will be out in full force.

I just want to play it.

umair_s513494d ago

I honestly doubt that it will be multi-platform, It can appear on the PC, but I am not too sure of the 360 version, primarily due to low disk space, we all know that mgs4 had to cut content to fit in the blu-ray. If Mr. Kojima decides to go with multi-disk for 360, I wouldn't mind that.

kewlkat0073494d ago

but it would be interesting if it is...especially on N4G

blodulv3494d ago

After taking a significant amount of time to build and optimize MGS4 for the PS3, they now won't have to start completely from scratch as you would assume that most of the building blocks are already in place for their next game on Sony's console. I'm fairly certain that Hideo and his team know that hardware like the back of his hand.

Even as outstanding as Killzone 2 is, I still think that MGS4 is about as close to perfection as you can get. That game had absolutely zero technical flaws from what I can remember.

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