IGN: GDC 09: Huxley 360 in Limbo

March 27, 2009 - Developers and publishers love announcing massively multiplayer online games for Xbox 360 early on in the dev cycle. By the end, though, they rarely wind up materializing. Such appears to be the case for Huxley, a MMO with a first-person shooter flavor.

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Mikerra173492d ago

MMOs shouldn't be on consoles anyway, ill try it on the pc

KionicWarlord2223492d ago

your point doesnt make since. its ok everywhere. mmos is the future ethier way.

MisterNiwa3492d ago

And your sentence doesnt make sense since its not since its sense.

No FanS Land3492d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

@mister niwa

And your sentence doesn't make sense since it's "it's and not its" and it's doesn't and not doesnt.

Szarky3492d ago

haha OWNED by No FanS Land

HDgamer3491d ago

You say mmo's shouldn't be on consoles but yet you can't come up with a rational reason.

Bnet3433491d ago

And your explanation of his mistake makes no sense because you were suppose to close your quotes like this "it's" not like you did below:

"it's and not its"

The Lazy One3491d ago

Your explanation of his mistake makes no sense, because you started a sentence with a preposition and missed a comma before the word because, which starts its own extreme clause rather than a subordinate clause.

3491d ago
No FanS Land3491d ago

And I say as an excuse that I am a french speaking canadian.

@the lazy one

That is one detailed explanation!

3491d ago
No FanS Land3491d ago

I found one old comment I wrote last year in my comments, there it is:

1.7 - @Vitz
Wail, I tfinq I weel by dat dent bleu (Blue tooth!) headset sense eet loucks réel goude too mii. IMO

EDIT: So is my spelling correct?, I'm not sure

EDIT2: Honestly, do you think this bluetooth headest is compatible with cellphones? If no, then it's a bit frustrating, it's still slick.
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it was about the Ps3 bluetooth headest; there here also was a feud in language.

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RadientFlux3492d ago

I'd be surprised if Huxley makes it out on PC let alone a console version.

creeping judas3492d ago

as far as I know they are playing it on PC's in Korea. But that's about it.

- Ghost of Sparta -3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

I posted some gameplay videos of the PC version earlier.

I don't know anything about the 360 port but at this point it doesn't seem like it's ever going to come out. Not that 360 owners should care 'cause in my opinion it looks meh.

dragunrising3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Thanks for the link.

It pisses me off that all these MMO's get canceled. I'm still bummed about True Live Fantasy Online for the original Xbox. It makes no sense why FF11 is the only MMO on the 360. Its not like people aren't willing to pay to play. Surely 360 owners are used to LIVE fee's. Perhaps Gold members would get $5 dollars off a month...I digress

I was hoping Huxley would come out for the 360 just to see another MMO. I can't say that I've really embraced MMO's period so maybe a console MMO would do it. Guess we will wait and see if and when Age of Conan is put on hold/limbo. :-p

Glad there are a couple of MMO's coming out on the PS3 :-)

TheColbertinator3492d ago

Huxley looks like a huge game and after so many years its still not done on the PC.A 360 version might come out in 2011 judging from the slow progress

Pennywise3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Will there be a 360 in 2011? hmmm

(Meaning... will the next box be out)

TheColbertinator3492d ago

Well my 360 won't be around that long ;)

Anyway possibly.

Does Microsoft really intend to start over from the beginning of trying to convince the consumers of buying another expensive system?

Do they really want convince hundreds of developers to take a new risk on a risky expensive system while the 360 is still profitable and running strong?

ActionBastard3492d ago

And another one down
And another one down
Another one bites the dust

Lou-Cipher3492d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Adam Sessler said that Huxley is now only on PC in a GDC wrap up Video.

Look at 3:01

ActionBastard3491d ago

That doesn't sound like limbo to me. You?

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