ArmA2 Website Weapons Intelligence Section Launches writes: "ARMA II features 40 accurately-modelled weapons and more than 80 variations on man-portable rocket launchers of both Western and Eastern origin, as well as a range of aiming devices and accessories. The accuracy and power of each weapon has been matched to real-life ammunition specifications, as well as incorporating feedback on weapon behaviour based on the real-life experience of Bohemia's military advisors. Not only does the ammunition..."

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XLiveGamer4686d ago

Well that is a lot of candies. Yummie!

morganfell4687d ago

Someone needs to tell Bohemia Interactive the XM8 program is dead dead dead. It was killed off in 2007 and it isn't coming back. If you are trying to make a game that is 95% simulation then you should know better.

socomnick4686d ago

Well game devs seem to love the xma, its in rainbow six vegas 2, ghost recon 2 and countless other games. Think the magpul massada and the fn scar are the two rifles competeting to replace the m16 now.

morganfell4686d ago

USSOCOM has already signed an IDIQ contract with FN.