Datel Bluetooth 360 Headset out June 30th

Most people are satisfied with the standard headset supplied with their Xbox 360 Premium, but some are out for a replacement, either because they (rightfully) think the original one sucks, or because they have specific demands, or because their cat ate the cord of the stock headset. Whatever the reason, another contender steps in the scene for replacement headsets for the Xbox 360.

FamoAmo6545d ago

I still don't know how much American its gonna cost me!! It looks sweet to me and it comes with the wireless reciever.

Nodoze6545d ago

I would really like to know who in the hell prices these items!

96impala6545d ago

Boooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

FamoAmo6545d ago

"but hey some marketing expert probably considered it a good idea. Let’s just hope he gets fired and they will sell the adapter soon for 15 quid max, because I don’t think many people are seriously going to spend $100 or 90 euro on a new Xbox Live headset. "

-He is saying no one wants to spend 100$ he isn't saying its 100$!! How much is 60 pounds american?

SF Legend6545d ago

Roughly, to convert between pounds sterling and US dollars you double it.

So that's a bit over $100.

PS360PCROCKS6545d ago

My cat ate the original one after like a week of owning it, really sucked

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Sciurus_vulgaris2d ago

I lost my drive for collecting physical games due to many discs lacking the whole complete game. Instead, of collecting games I started collected figurines.

Popsicle1d 12h ago

I am a collector have a room dedicated with a couple original arcade cabinets, physical game library, old and new consoles and controllers backlit with LED lighting. It’s very cool to have but with emulation being so strong and prevalent, I sometimes feel foolish because the hobby is expensive and like another said, the full game is not always on the disc. Could probably spend more wisely but I enjoy it.

shinoff218320h ago

Most games are usually on disc still. Of course you got you publishers that are hit and miss, Activision, ubisoft, ea, Microsoft, where the rest of the game needs downloaded.


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solideagle4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

where is GOW (original trilogy)?


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SovereignSnaKe5d ago

It's an outstanding game and so was The Old Blood. Also a lost era of gaming. Interesting, I received a physical copy of The Old Blood 9 years ago today from Poland. It was digital only in North America initially upon release so I had to import.