Free Sega game for first 150 HMV PS3 buyers reports:

Retail store HMV says that it's going to partner with SEGA for Europe's Playstation 3 launch. In an article from Games Industry Biz, we found out that the first 150 customers to buy a PlayStation 3 at HMV Oxford Street on Friday morning will receive a free copy of Sega's Virtua Tennis.

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techie4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

Hmph I'm not going to get the free sega game, or Casino Royal. I hope they have some good offers on when I buy, free games, with a console that has the new 65nm board.

Was just thinking. You know people say that it would be best to import a US or Japan console because of BC...well ps1 and ps2 games are still region locked, so you wouldn't be able to play them anyway.


No cause first 500,000 registered on the ps3 network get a free blu-ray Casino Royal!--much better film - and the best selling HD film's number 8 at the moment amongst DVD's :P

gogators4258d ago

I got to say, off subject, that's a nice avatar. Glad you stayed with it despite others sometimes giving you [email protected] about it, like I think Topgamer has.

Creepa at GameManx4258d ago

Thats cool i guess thats the equivalent to the some people in the us getting tallega nights when the ps3 came out here

DrWan4258d ago

Casino Royale kicks Tallega's ass for sure heh

gogators4258d ago

Talladega Nights was pretty damn funny movie. Despite all the trouble with Bronsan, I would still rather of had him as 007. Doesn't Virtua Tennis come out at release? That would be nice game to pick up free.