Huxley: The Dystopia: New Gameplay Videos

IGN: "Our latest look at the upcoming first-person shooter MMO in action."

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TheColbertinator3493d ago

Looks real good kinda like Unreal Tournament

The gaming GOD3493d ago

I was going to say the EXACT same thing when I saw these videos

xdye0173493d ago

Even I thought it looked like UT3. Will this be on xbox?

- Ghost of Sparta -3493d ago

That's what they're saying but Huxley has only been shown running on PC.

green3493d ago

360 version is on hold till the PC version is finished.Either way,Huxley has never sparked my interest.

xdye0173493d ago

Good Find though. Good to know that this game is still in the works and not just vapourware. Whats the chance of getting a 2009 release?

ASSASSYN 36o3493d ago

Huxley has seriously improved vs. the older vids.