Important Importables: Deciding which version of a PSP game to import

From the article, "Ever shopped at your favorite import site, let's say Play-Asia, and come across more than one version of a game? For example, if you look up Dissidia: Final Fantasy at that site, you'll come up with two different versions of the same game. One for Japan, one for Asia.

If you changed your mind, and decided you wanted Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon, you'd see listings for not only Japanese and Asian versions, but for a Korean version as well.

Aside from the obvious price difference (Asian versions of games tend to be cheaper), you're probably wondering what else differs among versions. Important Importables has you covered, as this week offers a general look at what each version does and doesn't provide. While this guide is geared towards PSP releases (since I haven't personally imported PS3 or Xbox 360 games), it may apply to other consoles with Asia or Korean versions of games..."

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