New Battlefield 1943 Screens & Art

Planet Battlefield writes: "Some brand new Battlefield 1943 coming out today. The first two are art renders, and the last three are screenshots."

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BGDad3582d ago

Seriously wtf is with the WW games? Wont buy this, as ive played about 1,090,094,484,478,384,489,387 EXACTLY like it...

Did they not learn why Desert Combat was more played then there actual game? Why Modern Warfare was better than Call of Duty..

Whatever another stupid shooter... Great imagination.

ALL_STAR_283582d ago

Nope you have not played 1,090,094,484,478,384,489,387 just like this... Have you ever played a WWII game with complete destructible enviornments?? No you havent. If you dont care about the game then GTFO!

chasegarcia3582d ago

where is the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 trailer? somebody give me a link plz

ALL_STAR_283582d ago

Its coming out at like 12 AM on gametrailers