Free Bytes March (Indie) Medley: Rated Arrrr!

Green Pixels' Nathan Meunier says: "When used together, the terms "piracy" and "video games" tend to hold very specific, untoward connotations, but there is indeed a lighter side to gaming pirates. Yes, we're talking about our digital peg-legged, saber-toting, curse spewing, unshaven, sea faring brethren. Get ready; there are decks to be swabbed, villages to pillage, and planks to be walked! This month's Free Bytes themed medley extravaganza sails the seas of freebie indie goodness with the ol' skull and crossbones proudly flying high."

Green Pixels' Free Bytes column covers a unique freeware indie game each week. An additional monthly features covers a selection of games under a common theme.

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