GamingTrend Review: Deadly Creatures

GamingTrend: "I'm a connosieur of odd games. I've never met a strange idea that I didn't immediately get intrigued with. Show me an action-adventure game, and I'll probably shrug. Mix that action-adventure game with a plot about a Japanese family who's trying to save the earth from aliens AND buy a present for their grandma, and I'll be beating down the door of the nearest game store to pick it up.

Therefore, I was understandably thrilled about Deadly Creatures. Another action-adventure game doesn't really trip my trigger. But an action-adventure game where you play as either a tarantula or a scorpion fighting various other creepy-crawlies while Dennis Hopper and Billy Bob Thornton double-cross each other? Sign me up! Did Deadly Creatures send a shiver up my spine with glee? Or did it make me hide under a blanket hoping it would go away?"

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