Wii set for October 30th?

According to a drunken Nintendo executive, its the 30th Oct for Japan and within 10 days for the rest of the world but no relation to PS3 date apprantly. So its true, Saki does reveal all.

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FamoAmo6183d ago

Wii is going to get a nice jump in Japan and by the sounds of it Japan will take the Wii over ps3!! Sony is in trouble and they better hope they make the November release date!!

-I am also really thinking about plopping one of these next to my 360 b/c I love Nintendo's old titles (Bond, Mario cart, Mario 64, Zelda) Nintendo has a different type of game than the 360 and ps3 its more family type fun not statistics and kills!!

NintendoFanatic6183d ago

That means only 4 more months this Friday

dikturbo6182d ago

This thing will move faster than 'she-at' through a goose. Beating the PS3 out is definetly part of the strategy and it will pay off. I assure you the Wii will be in my living room this Xmas for my family.

Point being that a lot of parents like myself will purchase the system for the kids before purchasing a system for themselves. The 360 that I want may wait even longer if I enjoy the time spent with my kids.

I realize that there are a lot of single/young adults on this site who may not comprehend that logic, but as a father of 3 there is only so much time in the day. Having an additional system eventually becomes a burden of time that is beter spent with your children