PS3 Yellow Light of Death Fix Tutorial

A few PS3 owners have suffered a issue known as the Yellow Light of Death (YLoD). Gilksy1 has found a fix for this, and the fix is very similar to that of the Xbox 360 RRoD (requires use of heatgun). This method has promised to fix your YLoD PS3 and make it run cooler than before.

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BigPappaPump3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

YLOD is very real but uncommon like the RROD. A small percentage of PS3 owners including myself suffered from it. It's most common on the 60 and 80 gig models.

@below: Thanks for the info.

Pixel_Addict3494d ago

Actual its most common on older 60 GB SKUs. The newer 80 GB SKU and above with smaller 65nm chip seems to have resovled this 'issue' for the most part.

ThanatosDMC3494d ago

Wow, i thought Yellow Light was a joke to counter RROD... but wow, it actually exist?! I'm dumbfounded...

gaffyh3494d ago

OK yeh this guide doesn't always work. I there are two types of YLOD; Motherboard, and PSU. I tried this guide, it didn't work so I assume mine was a PSU problem (So I had to pay for a replacement PS3).

Dunno if anyone who has used this guide with success can answer this, but were you able to eject your disc from your PS3 during the YLOD? I couldn't, maybe that would show the difference in YLOD?

Denocao3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Or are you unable to see the truth?

It happened to me.

To whoever is disagreeing: Can you explain why?

rogimusprime3494d ago

of course they can't explain why. They're the hyped up little trolls with no life and no valid reason for why they are even looking at this thread.

Sorry to hear about your PS3 man. You'd expect that with the xbox, but not my precious piano black PS3.

Ghoul3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

it does exist, i have a launch 60gb that had a YLOD.

ultimolu3494d ago

Yeah, it does...which is why I need to watch out for my own launch 60gb model...x-x

UnSelf3494d ago

u kno whats funny abuot the ps3?

i have a BC USA Launch 60 gig, and i must agree ive had my share of plenty of problems with my console including:

No trophy sync*
When i quit a game i always get signed out
Takes a million tries to DL a game patch
My original Life w/ Playstation never loaded*
Stopped reading discs*

Now the funny thing about these problems is that each one that has a star next to it (*), has AUTOMATICALLY fixed itself. I never had to trouble shoot or anything it just simply fixed. it. self. The PS3 is truly a remarkable for the remaining unstarred problems....idk what to do about those

Rockstar3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Sounds like an internet issue.

I switched from my current ISP to a cheaper one only to get signed out of the PSN far too frequently (every 5 minutes or so).

I switched back and those problems disappeared.

Shane Kim3494d ago


My 60GB PS3 stopped reading discs too, but not Blu-Ray or DVD's but regular CD's. But after a month or so, it just automatically fixed itself. I think it was due to a firmware update.

UnSelf3494d ago

u c the thing is, is its not just randomly signing me only signs me out specifically when i quit a game. Its not a big deal at all but it ALWAYS happens and itll be nice to kno how to fix that along wit the more annoying "tryin to DL a patch a million times" issue

Funny thing about that is, i actually was cleaning and i knocked my ps3 over and it started readin discs about dumb luck

Anon19743494d ago

Even if the failure rate is 1% or less, we're still talking the potential of 100,000 to 200,000 units out there that break down. And when do you hear about it...when people are pissed off, of course. I was the same way. You didn't ever hear me talking about my 360 before. I was just content to play it. After 4 consoles though I was telling everyone who would listen to stay away from the damned things. That's the way it goes - disgruntled consumers are always the loudest.

no-spin3494d ago


this means you can buy with confidence, the chances of getting it are very slim, unlike the honorary RROD.

joydestroy3494d ago

can someone please post the article. i've tried lots and can't seem to get the site to load. i have a launch 60gig so it'd be nice to know how to maybe fix it if i ever had this issue. thanks!

TheTwelve3494d ago

I got the YLOD. It seems to be hitting the 60gigs. Sony gave me another 60gig back though, so I'm happy that I have the greatest PS3 model back.


no-spin3494d ago

is becoming a urban legend lol

Which i had the extra money at launch to get the Real PS3

Chug3494d ago

My launch 60gb ps3 got the YLOD back in November. Sent it in to Sony and they sent me back a refurbed 60gb with a brand spankin new shell in a timely fashion & it works great.

My launch 360 has gotten the RROD two times. The first time was around 9 months after I purchased it, and the second time was around 10 months after the first time it red-ringed. Only thing is, it sounds like a jet taking off every time I turn the thing on (which isn't very often).

Ghoul3494d ago

haha i get disagrees for stating a fact that MY 60gb broke.

guys please decide what corner you want to push me in
360 fanboy or ps3 fanboy you guys seem not beeing able to decide.

gaffyh3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

For those of you who can't get to it, I uploaded it to rapidshare (the one I downloaded about a month ago, I think it is the same, it is Gilksy1's)

Oh yeah mine was a 60gb launch Pal model, it seems to be a 60GB problem. I got a replacement for mine last monday.

caffman3494d ago

dont worry about it, I got disagrees when I said that my PS3 died with a bad HDD and my PS2s had gone up the spout

BattleAxe3494d ago

I had the Yellow Light of Death on my launch PS3(60gig). I had it for 2 years before it happened. It was a good thing I bought an extended warranty.

Since I got it back, it seems that the fan runs at a higher rpm then it did before. I own 2 PS3s and the 2nd one I bought still works great. I bought it the september after launch.(Canada)

mugoldeneagle033494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I'm on my 3rd PlayStation 3.

My launch 60GB died about a year and a half after purchase, but not because of the YLOD. My second PS3 was the first 80GB Motorstorm bundle, and that died a year after I redeemed it (YLOD) (Best Buy Warranty Exchange). Now I'm on my 3rd PS3, the normal 80GB sku and so far I've had no problems.

Not that I blame Sony for anything, I leave my system on all the time whether I'm gaming or watching media. In fact I'd say within a 24hr time span it's on for at least 18-20 of those hours.

I'm glad someone finally decided to test it out and found a solution without having to go game-less, esp when you only own one system like myself.

Cenobia3494d ago

You guys are making me paranoid. My 60gb has always worked perfectly, but recently has been making a few weird noises.

I swear, if my PS3 dies I'm blaming it on all of you...jinxing my dare you.

gaffyh3494d ago

@Cenobia - I thought like you also, until it happened to me :( and to make matters worse my 360 RRoD a couple of weeks later. Luckily I got a replacement PS3 a few days later, and 360's been sent to MS.

Omegasyde3494d ago

System would turn on .... and after about 30 secs it would show signs of freezing, slow down and finally turn off and the power light would start blinking.

I was able to do this all the time and actually never got the so called yellow light. It would just shut down and blink red.

Sent it to Sony, Still waiting...
<YLOD(?) of me 1 week ago, and *SHOCK* I was playing a PS2 game trying to go online.>

$149 USD Later.. . . . . . . TLC for PC rig. :)

Watch your 60 gig model and dust that MO FO. Friend has 20 gig and he plays more than me, no problems. Honestly I wouldn't mind if I got a 180 gig back with no backwards compatibility.

DaTruth3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I find it pushes my PS3 too hard and causes too much heat.
Also, never force 1080p output from a 720p game. There's a reason why the game is in 720p!

Keeping heat down is essential for preserving the life of your PS3!

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hunter213494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

wth i never heard of this yellow light of death... lol i guess im not that updated hah

or probably this is another bs story.

metalhead3494d ago

No this happens, but very very very rarely.

vangl763494d ago

Go the official playstation boards. you'll find people on there with the YLOD.

MAiKU3494d ago

Yeah i never heard of it either, i thought it was a joke the xbox community tried to come up with. Though it is rare.

Omegasyde3494d ago

Happened to me.

I have had RROD, YLOD, and gonorrhea.


JaPo3493d ago

Wow, this would have helped all three times my 60GB YLOD'd on me.

On PAL 60GB units, the failure rate is undoubtedly WAY higher than 1%. Based on my small community alone, there've been many breakages.

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villevalorox3494d ago

ahg! I thought we already went through this with the 360!!! HEAT+CPU=BAD!!!! Do not do this. lol.

iceice1233494d ago

Just the other week, I'm done with my PS3. That was the second one to crap out on me too. Just going to stick with the 360 from now on.

Pennywise3494d ago

Yeah, good choice. We all know which one is more reliable. I cant believe your PS3 lasted as long as it did.

PirateThom3494d ago

PROTIP: You have to own a PS3 for it to crap out on you.

lordgodalming3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Cool, can I buy all your old PS3 games then? I'll pay 1/5 retail since you undoubtedly played them so much they're scratched all to heck (because your PS3--sorry, PS3's--scratched game discs too, didn't they?).

My e-mail is [email protected]

Montrealien3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I find it Ironic ,I read this article and then Icewakes bate comment and then the phone rings. A customer is looking for a PS3 because his just crapped out and sony is charging him 170$ to repair it because his year waranty is out. I know the customer, and between you and me, he is a heavy smoker and I`m sure the nocotine made dust glue up all over inside that console and that`s why its busted now.

Now, does this mean that the PS3 is having bigger problems then MS`s stupid ass RROD? of course not, RROD is something MS recpgnised as a huge bad ass mistake that they are paying for bigtime, I`m actually suprised people are still buying 360s. But is the PS3 perfect? Of course not. I`ve had my 60gb launch console since launch and have had no issues yet, and I have purchased 2 360s already, got my first RROD about 3 weeks ago and just got a cheap arcade instead. And still love them both, I`ve had issues with past console and know that it`s part of buying electronics, nothing is perfect in this world.

Pennywise3494d ago

Oh, forgot the sarcasm remark. I see some people's sarcasm detectors batteries are dead. Silly me.

ThanatosDMC3494d ago

It's $150 for PS3 repairs. But there has been a lot of report that people past their 1 year warranty still got their repairs for free. Go to the official PS forums.

lordgodalming3494d ago

lol @ Pennywise. I was with you.

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Spike473494d ago

PS3 are not perfect in reliability, my problem is mainly the software on the PS3 but overall its one of the most reliable consoles I've had

Montrealien3494d ago

My original Xbox is hard to beat on reliability that thing is still kicking on a weekly basis since Nov 2001, if only MS could of followed the Xbox with a 360 as reliable as that amazing piece of hardware.

However my 60gb PS3 is the most reliable Playstation I have ever had, that`s for sure.

UnSelf3494d ago

idk my ps2 hasnt skipped a beat yet. By far the most reliable machine i ever tampered with.