Joystiq Review: Pokemon Platinum

The structure of releases in the Pokémon series has always stood defiantly in the face of reason. Installments in the series aren't games, they're "Generations," each of which include two simultaneously released, nearly identical titles, and a third nearly identical title which launches a couple of years after the first two. On top of all of this, the gameplay, story and core mechanics of the game remain extremely similar throughout these "Generations." As a cynic would likely remark, Nintendo has released the same game about 14 times now.

Pokémon Platinum is the companion piece to 2007's Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Following in the vein of other third wheels in former generations (such as Pokémon Yellow or Crystal), it leans heavily upon the framework of its predecessors, marginally improving the game's overall aesthetic and adding a handful of new features. But are these minor tweaks enough to justify purchasing an updated RPG that many of you likely purchased two years ago?

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