HD-DVD heavyweights target Europe

A handful of industry heavyweights have established a group to promote the uptake of HD-DVD technology in Europe.

The European HD-DVD Promotional Group includes Studio Canal, Universal, Toshiba and Microsoft.

The organisation was founded as the European counterpart to the North American HD-DVD Promotional Group and the HD-DVD Promotion Group originally organised in Japan.

The group's backers hope to attract movie studios, distributors, consumer electronics companies, IT firms, PC makers, disc replication companies and authoring houses around the globe.

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grifter0244632d ago

This is looking good.... I cant see how HDDVD is dead after seeing this .... The company is still pushing forward's not backing down like some of the Sony Boy's shouting and screaming that HDDVD is dead.... The fututre looks pretty bright for both company's but 1 slip up and you can be cast into the abyss and never surface.... I bought maybe close to 200 dollars worth of HDDVD's last Thursday and I still havnt watched them all but They look beautiful .... Except on some parts of We Were Soldiers it looked a little grainy but before that movie I was watching Corpse Bride so maybe that is what made me think it was fuzzy.... But I still want some of those BR movies... I would love to see The FIfth and Silent

ben hates you4632d ago

dumb yet some how i love to watch it

ben hates you4632d ago

some one should post this GATEWAY my favorite computers offer hd-dvd drives in their computers but not blu-ray

JasonXE4632d ago

use my hd dvd drive on my pc i bought from dell. Looks cool...

Marty83704632d ago

Blu-ray has the hardware & Movies sales(thx too PS3), Also more hollywood movie studio surport.HD DVD is dead,

MaximusPrime4632d ago

i agree.

Im English and am looking forward to PS3 launch. 60% of my time will be watching films. So Bluray is the answer.

I prefer the name Bluray.
HDDVD - admit it, you are already dead.

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The story is too old to be commented.