Why is the Microsoft Wireless Adapter So Expensive? Writes:

"What's this? The Xbox 360 doesn't have a wireless connection? Well who came up with that stupid idea?

Probably the same person who in the next breath explained to a skeptical boardroom at Microsoft that the company could then charge extortionate amounts of money to people like me who just want to hook up their consoles but now live in a house with more than 2 rooms.

"Well," the smug Microsoft executive would say, "You're living in a house aren't you? Surely you have the $80 to pony up for a wi-fi adaptor."

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clinker3583d ago

$80 is pretty crazy, especially when my USB access point on my laptop only cost like $20. Along with their external Harddrives, Microsoft should really stop gouging customers on accessories.

FarEastOrient3583d ago

I would suggest not to use the Xbox 360 wireless adapter because it blocks some of the breathing ports and we all know that the Xbox 360 needs to breath.

s8anicslayer3582d ago

I know, the 360 has gotten atleast 2 price drops but this over priced adapter wich only comes in white by the way, being that I am an elite owner and refuse to buy a white eye sore like that is still the same price after almost 3 years! What's the deal MS?

SaiyanFury3582d ago

Bah, whatta bunch of crooks. I can connect online with my 360 through my wireless ethernet bridge, and it only cost me 30 bucks. In no way, whatsoever would I EVER pay more than 50 dollars for a 20 dollar piece of technology.

Jockamo3583d ago

...nonconstructive comments like these. I hate even more that people agree. Ah well just a bunch of kids on this site I guess...

wallace10003583d ago

For the same reason the ipod touch doesn't have bluetooth capability. Companies like apple and microsoft make money off of accessories.

Sarcasm3582d ago

@2.2 And your comments about non-constructive comments isn't helping either. Which leads to my comment on your comment about their non-constructive comments which completes the insane spiral of non-constructive comments.


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KionicWarlord2223583d ago

"Well," the smug Microsoft executive would say, "You're living in a house aren't you? Surely you have the $80 to pony up for a wi-fi adaptor." lol

no-spin3582d ago

that is some douche
They think they have the right to charge whatever they want for crap products

GWAVE3583d ago


As good ol' Aaron said, "We don't make you pay for things you don't want".

In other words, "We strip your console of most equipment and then charge a primo price when you (and by "you" I mean any 360 owner who isn't a soccer mom playing Peggle on XBLA) find out it wasn't included in the original package".

We don't charge you for online....but if you want to use basic multiplayer functionality that the "other" guys are getting for free (even the Wii, DS, and, pay up. Oh, and sorry about that web browser. No can do.

We don't charge you for a hard drive....but if you want to use a basic save function (plus XBLA, Netflix, game installs, etc) that the "other" guys get by default, pay up, and pay WAY above the market price.

We don't charge you for wi-fi....but we'll keep bragging about how superior our pay-to-play online service is even though the "other" guys all have built-in Wi-fi (even the Wii, DS, and again).

Oh, and by the'll never need more than 20 Gigs of space, HDMI is unnecessary, and HD-DVD is the future. Er, scratch that last part...Digital Downloads are the future. Er, scratch that last part...streaming 2-year-old movies through a paid video service is the future.

KionicWarlord2223583d ago

yeah that was kind of funny...alot truth to it.but i enjoy netflix .:)

trancefreak3582d ago

Awesome summary gwave many lols

Shane Kim3582d ago

What the? Where did you find my speech?!

koehler833583d ago

Why is there a cord coming out of the wireless adapter? Does that little POS need it's own plug?!