NCSoft Announces Significant Layoff

NCSoft, fresh from the two-millionth sale of its Guild Wars title, has announced the layoffs of 70 of its 300 employees.

"NCsoft's Austin business has announced an immediate restructuring within its organization that included the difficult task of reducing members of its workforce. The online games industry is one that is continually changing with the scaling up and down of business based on product launches and product development schedules. Over the past two and a half years NCsoft has launched six major titles into the North American market and has grown with each title launch. As the company continues to grow its live products and prepares its next set of major online game releases for later in 2006 and 2007, the company sees a slowdown in its launch pattern and the need to streamline its business. For this reason, NCsoft has reduced its 300 person workforce in Austin by approximately 70 people to accommodate this change. This decision has no impact on the schedules of any projects currently in development and service to NCsoft's current games will continue without interruption [emphasis mine]."

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What The Fog (PC) Review - CGMagazine

What the Fog is a fun game that is a draw for Dead By Daylight completionists with the characters and the fact that it is free for Behaviour Interactive account holders.

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Microsoft Store Hints At Upcoming Release Of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition On Steam

The Microsoft Store has hinted at the upcoming release of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Valve's digital distribution platform, Steam.

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OtterX1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

1 major advantage to this will be launching it straight from SteamVR. You have to make a custom shortcut to get it working right now in VR.


Helldivers 2 players share tips everyone should know but many don't

Helldivers 2 can take a long time to figure out every mechanic in the game, so Reddit users have shared their most helpful tips.

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LG_Fox_Brazil15h ago

The main tip that I would tell a new player is: know how and when to pick your fights. Sometimes it's better to avoid a skirmish altogether and focus on the missions. And if you are indeed starting a fight, try to end is as soon as possible and focus on the smallers enemies first, because if you get rid of all those bastards then they won't call for backup and you'll have time to finish the bigger threats