Kojima Productions GDC 09: Complete Keynote Presentation

Hideo Kojima creator of Metal Gear, Zone of the Enders, and Boktai takes the stage at GDC. Presenting the full keynote presentation in its entirety.

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nix3493d ago

oh.. it's a good presentation... do see it. it's long but it's educative enough to let you know how/why he came up with the idea and how things advanced.

shine13963493d ago

probably the best keynote of recent times

EvilHunter3493d ago

he did really good job to make the way of gaming design a way good better but...

kojima san i guess when talked about ultimate stealth game it's just feel right about it because every time there is a new wall and new advantage to be pass this wall even if kojima himself try to make ultimate game and he release it some how it will be more things by time will make him can surpass his ultimate way ... unless if he have to make unlimited stealth game and getting better every time ....

any way i guess developing games now can get more step forward if developers try's to share each other the gaming design experience and that is what Kojima san trying to make ir true with this Keynote