Molyneux: No games up his sleeve, showing "inventive" mechanics


"Some hoped Peter Molyneux would be lifting the lid on some new game this GDC, but sadly he's revealed there will be no such luck."

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KionicWarlord2223493d ago

why is everyone really tight lipped? perhaps e3 is bigger then others this time around with the big 3.this would have been perfect time talk about his project hes been making.

Montreafart3493d ago

Games dont pop out every month. It takes 6-7 months just for coming up with new ideas and trying to make it all come to life by artists.

Once thats done, they need to actually write codes. The fking drawings dont just magically come to life on a PC. All in all, an average game takes 2-3 years to develop. Its only in the last year of the development cycle that you start to hear shiat about the game since they are releasing footage and trailers and stuff like that.

[email protected] TIGHTLIPPED. How is a small development studio like Lionhead going to pump out games every month? They barely finished Fable 2 and are working on DLC content.

If they actually have another project running, you would be Bill Gates.
And I would be Warren. nowadays. Does it take you 10 seconds to write a paper as well. How bout your thesis. Does that take 2 hours.

Not unless you copied and pasted of from someone else's hardwork, kiddo.

ceedubya93493d ago

You didn't have to come at him like that. You can make your point without being a jerk about it.

Shane Kim3493d ago

Montrefart thinks he is a pro Ph.d/MD/J.D and so on, that's why.

Eiffel3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Wow the first comment on this site with any sense put into it. Bubbles for truth.

Honestly this site needs to lighten up and stop taking comments as if they're insults.

Dark_Vendetta3493d ago

You know that they worked for years now on another project, but MS decided not to show it yet?

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Shane Kim3493d ago

"Molyneux: No games up his sleeve..."


GWAVE3493d ago

What caught my eye is how he said "Devs shouldn't be scared to be inventive"....

....and my first thought was "Sooo...Fable 1 and 2?"

KionicWarlord2223493d ago

i see i offended you. i wasnt just talking about peter here.i was talking about gdc aswell.

jay23493d ago

They have been working on their other game since 2007.

Disccordia3493d ago

I think that they've been working on three projects - We already know about Fable III but there were concept drawings of a survival game and a disaster game released a while back. Granted, neither may see the light of day but it shows they have something other than Fable in the pipeline.