PlayStation store hits the PC

If you don't have a PS3 yet, you can now check-out some of what you've been missing via your friendly neighborhood web browser. Sony has replicated the PlayStation store for PC lovers everywhere... it's a simple way to take a sneak-peek at all of the hot, steamy PS3 content that you know that you want.

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ASSASSYN 36o4627d ago

EA`s Sims did this a long time ago.

PureGamer4627d ago

did somthing to me a long time ago. Fuk off you cUnt you know nothing wanker!!!!!!

CAPS LOCK4627d ago

thats good, but how come i haven't seen any ps3 ads. i live in the UK but there seems to be no ps3 ads at all...

sandip7874627d ago

man, uve not seen the motorstorm ad that came on after the newcastle match? and that really weird one where the suitcase blows up, and it says - 'this is living 23-03-07' ??

Gamer luv4627d ago

I know...
The only adds i see about PS3 is every single shop selling the PS3 telling everyone they are still taking Pre Orders for it.

KoolMan4627d ago

can anybody give me the link to download yellow dog linux and the booter for ps3, ill appreciate the help...