Q&A: Mistwalker's Hironobu Sakaguchi

The role-playing game magnate took some time with GameSpot at GDC to share his thoughts on his company's latest games and life as an Xbox 360 developer.

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eques judicii4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

"HS: [in English] Ah, Kutaragi-san's DSPs and a low-powered CPU. I don't like the PS3's architecture."

wow, didn't know sakaguchi liked to give flame-bait....

anywho, i'm really excited for a blue dragon demo, that would be awesome. And he hit it on the nose, microsoft doesn't get japanese marketing... but maybe games will eventually speak louder than do, do, do

"I like simulation games. And I wasn't a great fan of first-person shooters...didn't think they were that good. But after playing Gears of War, I loved it and felt really good about playing it. So I'm actually interested in creating something like Gears of War."

that's just wierd... but i guess gears is a world wide phenomena

Silver3604325d ago

It felt like he was giving his honest opinion. I don't reall hear that too much from western developers.

Vojkan4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

My Ass honest! How can he be honest and say FF should come to 360 and not say that in the same time his games should come to PS3? Double moral standard! He was just saying what Bill told him to say, ocasionaly saying truth like part about bad marketing. This guy blows! And btw he is in "war" with Ken Kutaragi so of course he is not going to praise his works.

eques judicii4324d ago

if he doesn't like the architecture then he shouldn't develop for it. In fact he said that the white engine has already been developed to work for the 360 so he's simply saying it would make sense and be a fairly easy process. He also is saying that the 360 makes a better business model because the install base is much larger than the ps3 and thus square would be able to make more moeny. Moving a game from the 360 to the ps3 doesn't make as much sense, especially if it means getting funds cut off from microsoft :-D

its not really a moral double standard, both positions are powered by greed. sakaguchi makes money by not developing for ps3 because microsoft pays him, and square would make more money by bringing ffxiii to the 360 because the potential sell through is bigger.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4324d ago

get their Japanese Marketing team up to snuff and the 360 will be a success in the land of the rising sun. If only it were that easy.

eques judicii4324d ago

look at the wii... nintendo invested very little money in the system and a whole lot of money in marketing (around 200 million US dollars) and thus far has been extremely successful..

marketing is extremely powerful, convince someone to buy something and it doesn't matter how great the system is. That's why ps3 is doing so poorly, not because of the cost, but because sony has alienated customers and basically convinced them not to buy the system (doesn't matter if its the most powerful)

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4324d ago

encompass everything that is Nintendo. No matter how many greenbacks M$ throws behind its marketing campaign in Japan, the Japanese will never fully embrace it!

gogators4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

at least a 8-10 AAA titles that appeal to that markets taste, then MS will continue to sell poorly. I wouldn't by a system not matter how much it's advertised if it didn't have any games I was interested in. The Japanese don't have enough titles to warrent any interest in the 360. Who can blame them if they don't jump in.

Says you4323d ago

Microsoft is trying to impress the only way Microsoft will ever
impress the Japanese gamers if they had Final Fantasy XIII which by the way will never happen lol and plus 360 is just more of a FPS when
PS3 is both FPS and RPG.

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