GDC 2009: What Makes Left 4 Dead Tick

Despite what you may think, Left 4 Dead isn't really about killing zombies.

What it's about, at least according to Valve's Mike Booth, is your teammates. Valve knew from the very beginning that it wanted Left 4 Dead to require cooperation from the players; the tricky part was finding a way to do that without making it blatantly obvious. Valve knew it had to find design solutions that would make players want to do the right thing - stick together and act like a team - without feeling like they were being forced to do the right thing.

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cupogoodness3493d ago

It's a game that generally punishes selfish players. If you're not willing to help your team out you're setting yourself up to implode; while on the other side, if you play on a team where all four members make it a priority to help one another, you're difficult to beat.