Reason For Modern Warfare 2 Name Change

There were many reports today stating that Modern Warfare 2 has dropped the 'Call of Duty' out of its name, so we asked Activision for a reason why they changed the name. Responding, a company spokesperson told us as to the reason why.

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pwnsause3497d ago

the name change sounds bad. i like COD:MW2 better.

OhReginald3497d ago of duty 4: Modern Warfare 2 is a tongue twister.....try saying that three times fast......

- Ghost of Sparta -3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Dude, Infinity Ward > Treyarch. They hate each other. IW should be known for Modern Warfare, not Call of Duty. I f*cking hate Call of Duty, it's always the same sh*t.

cactuschef3497d ago

I think its a great idea because to me COD MW never felt like a real sequel to the COD franchise. Its an awesome game, but it was just using the Call of Duty label. Call of duty 1, 2, 3, and World at war are all very similar and you can tell they are from the same franchise.

This is also a good way to sell more games. Making MW independent from COD means they can release COD and MW games at around the same time instead of making one a year.

SL1M DADDY3497d ago

And no matter what name they give their next game, it will sell like crazy.

Blaze9293497d ago

Simply becuase of Treyarch. They no longer want to be tied and let people think the same games are coming from the same company. Ifinity Ward is way better than Treyarch and they feel they need to branch off from those losers now.

locos853497d ago

Reason they dropped "Call of Duty" is because this game is no longer a game about being a soldier in a war in the battlefield, which is what Call of Duty stood for.
It has changed to become a tactical anti-terrorism game like "Rainbow 6: Vegas"

It will resemble the last plane level in COD4.... which I think will be the 1st level in MW2

Szarky3497d ago

I'm glad they dropped the COD name. When I hear or see "Call of Duty" I think of Treyarch... and I don't like Treyarch very much. I mean come one... progress your series. Another WW2 FPS? Are you serious. Modern Warfare was such a nice fresh breath of air. It's sounds better as just "Modern Warfare 2"... sounds independent.

Mikerra173497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

this is such a bad idea tro take the COD name out of that, I guarentee they will lose over 500k in units sold if they do this

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skip2mylou3497d ago

well just like obamas campaign was all about "Its time for change."

The_Firestarter3497d ago

Only time will tell. I wish there would be significant change sooner rather than later, yet we cannot expect this done overnight. Hopefully Obama keeps true to his word.

cactuschef3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Sorry wrong reply

DirtyLary3497d ago

so Modern Warfare 2 will be a socialist game?

hamsterfist3496d ago

@ DirtyLary

While I disagree with your politics, your comment was funny. Thanks for the laugh.

dantesparda3496d ago

Oh yeah because facism is so much better

artsaber3496d ago

Socialist services that you utilize and HAPPILY pay taxes for 365 days a year include:

The United States Post Office
Local Fire Department
Local Police Department
Department of Transportation
Local Electrical Power Provider

Or are you special somehow and can choose who comes to save your ignorant azz when:
1. Your house is on fire
2. Someone is robbing you
3. When a transformer blows and knocks out your power
4. When you streets needs de-icing, etc.

So I guess that makes you dumb azz a soclialist or a hardcore supporter of socialism, oh, but let me guess you refuse all these services right because you sleep with your sister, live in a wooden hut, and have no electricity.

Define socialism you idiot, without looking in a mirror.

Now, back to gaming... Infinity Ward is great!

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Baka-akaB3497d ago

It's not that i prefer the old name , just that it feels as if the real call of duty is pushed aside as a new ip , while the fake and dull one gets to keep the name .

slave2Dcontroller3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

basically it was time to seperate the Men from the Boys and I certainly welcome the change. Infinty Ward>Treyarch+COD4>COD5= Modern Warfare baby. Personally, I dont really care about the name change because the COD brand was a turn off for me until COD4 launched. I hated that ol'WW crap bc its so run of the mill.

So while the COD name might have a nice ring to it, its Modern Warfare that has that POP! in terms of style, visuals, and weaponary. New Weapons>>>>>> ;>>Old Weapons. Nuff said.

Microsoft Xbox 3603497d ago

The Call of Duty name sucks anyway. I'm glad they abandoned it. When I think of CoD, WWII always come to mind.

slave2Dcontroller3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

The name never really bothered me but like you, I affiliate it with that WW genre that at one point, was so overly saturated that it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth to this day. I NEVER want to play another WW inspired game EVER.

Baka-akaB3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

with some luck , as soon as everyone knows cod got nothing to do anymore with infinity , and stop buying it thanks to infinity ward's reputation and work , maybe it will finally die .
I dont see what else the mediocre treyarch got to do , or offer besides taking again modern warfare's perk system and applying it to a new ww2 location .
As international as that war was , at some point they'll run out of places ...

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