TGR: Terminator Salvation Eyes-On Preview

From TGR: "The Terminator video game history is much easier to read, as nearly every title in the series to hit consoles and PC has been embarrassingly awful. Based on the recent eyes-on demo that I got of Terminator Salvation, the upcoming third-person action shooter that bridges the gap between Terminator's 3 and 4, the future is looking a whole lot brighter."

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JokesOnYou5598d ago

Anythings possible but I would NEVER get my hopes up for a movie based game, especially one with Terminator involved.


SirLarr5598d ago

Robocop vs. Terminator was awesome! That is the standard I will judge this game against, so it has a decent hope.

STONEY45598d ago

Guess who's making it? GRIN, the developers of the Wanted game. I wouldn't get my hopes high.

redfield855598d ago

Gabe from Penny Arcade said he enjoyed the Wanted game. Really that bad?

cain1415598d ago

Grin is also doing bionic commando which looks good...

SlamVanderhuge5598d ago

IT defintely didnt look perfect, and no online coop or multiplayer doesnt help...

stewie328875597d ago

Meh, the Terminator series is pointless without Ahnold. It should have ended after T2 any ways...


10 Best Terminator Games of All Time

The Terminator's record at the box office might be somewhat spotty, but there's been a few enjoyable romps involving the iconic murderbot.

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Indo881d ago

i always love Terminator 3 Redemption for the in-game battle damage you receive when killing off other terminators. And Terminator Dawn of Fate was a 6/10 but was enjoyable enough to rent at Blockbuster.


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We talk about almost everything but the actual game.


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2644d ago
Gman322644d ago

Yeah i remember that godfather game it was ok but that scarface video game was way better

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Sam Fisher2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

I loved mad max, but i hated the driving in that game, felt like i was sailing a ship not driving a car

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